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Old 05-29-2008, 11:47 PM
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Default Literature for the Philippines

Thanks to the administrator and members of this forum with the heart for missions!

The following are our needs:

Our church is starting a new work in a nearby barangay (village) that has no Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching church. We need Bibles for our Bible study centers every week.

We print our own tracts (English or in the dialect) but can only produce 500 copies. Street preachers and pastors in remote islands (some of them I barely know, but are really laboring for the Lord) are asking me to also send them gospel tracts. It is beyond our church's ability to provide for them, hope you can send us tracts that we can use as well as send to those who need them more than we do.

3. BOOKS for Bible school library
We need books for the Bible school where I teach. I already received two boxes of much needed books on the KJV issue from George. Praise the Lord for your "book sending" ministry, Bro. George! Others who want to help, we still need books on courses related to Theology/Bible Doctrines, Right Division/Dispensationalism, Christian Music (By the way, I teach free piano lessons to all our Bible students, but we need piano books for the beginning hymn player), Christian Womanhood, Pastoral Theology & Church Administration, Christian Education, English Grammar, Evangelism, etc.

4. VBS & Sunday School Materials
My friend, who is a pastor of an Independent Baptist church that has a missionary to Kalayan Islands (Batanes), presented to me the need of Sunday School & VBS materials there. That northernmost place of our country is very poor, and it's risky to go there. The pastor goes to Manila churches every six months and would literally "beg" all he could before going back with the badly needed materials for the people he ministered to.

Our church of 40-60 in weekly attendance have less than 20 hymnals. As soon as we are able to start that new church in another barangay, we will be needing more hymn books.

6. A.C.E. PACEs (School of Tomorrow)
The school where I graduated kindergarten to high school needs used PACEs, as well as books in their "obsolete" library, too.

7. Other material goods you may wish to share are also welcome. We have a "poor ministering to the poor" program once a year during December or any other month (we started this two years ago), when our church members gather whatever they want to share to those who have received the gospel but are in deeper poverty than we are. Sometimes we can only gather about six plastic bags to distribute to the poor, newly saved families. Clothing, medicine, and shoes are also needed by our Bible students (usually less privileged people go to Bible school).

A testimony: Bro. Brandon, you're site is an answer to prayer. I joined AV1611.com/forums during my "silent years" (voice rest) simply because I have nothing else to do. I'm a preacher and a Bible teacher without a voice. Much better spend some time "debating". Then (a bit losing hope concerning my condition) I finally posted my prayer request. Little did I know that God will not only answer my prayer (I still have the vocal fold polyp, but he has now restored my voice back!), but ANSWERED above all that I asked or even thought of. He has given me new friends (that most of them I didn't see face to face), and He is helping me minister through the help of certain missions-hearted friends. I THANK THE LORD FOR YOU ALL!

For the love of Christ,
Bro. Sammy

E-mail: sgt1611@yahoo.com
Church Website: www.companions.minihost.org
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Old 05-30-2008, 09:52 AM
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I still have you on my list to send some materials. I have a few more requests ahead of you but will send some materials when I can. God bless.
Old 05-30-2008, 10:15 PM
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PTL!!! for the answered prayer.

We too have needs for Bibles and concordances.

Biblestudent, PACE School of Tomorrow has a head quarters in Cebu. I will see if I can find the address and number for you.
Old 05-30-2008, 10:45 PM
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The BibleSender,
I'm glad to hear that. Whatever you can send we will gladly use, as well as share to others who have greater needs. My "little" church pray for your ministry.
Old 07-25-2008, 08:19 AM
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Default Bibles

I received nine SWORDS from "Swordsearcher" (Diligent) today. Aside from being new, they are in good print. Thank you very much!

Others who can and will send Bibles (and tracts) are all welcome to "keep sending" them to us, of course, as the Lord provides. Bibles are like hot cake here. In fact, even unbelievers here may refuse a gospel tract but will never refuse a Bible! (Maybe, he has read the tract already...we used to have a lot of tracts of the same title)

We may also ask a favor that you send us Bibles that are readable.
(There were KJVs sent to us many years ago which were in very small print. I saw a box or two of those in the school office and they still remain undistributed. One of the pastors was hesitant to give these small-print Bibles to his church members, and he jokingly said he didn't want to "torture" his church members eyes. I also remember that I liked to use these small-print Bibles because I can search the verses faster and win our Bible games, but our pastor told me not to use it because he said it's bad to my eye.)

Well, Diligent and others in this forum inspired me and my church to keep preaching. Then, we can only give out one Bible a month. Now, God has enabled us to give a lot more times than we can, and He did it through you!

Blessed be the name of the Lord!

For the love of Christ,
Bible student
Old 07-25-2008, 08:30 AM
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Default An opinion

By the way, small-print Bibles are better than nothing. So they are still welcome if nothing else are available. I do encourage anyone, however, to voice this problem out to those who are printing Bibles.

I don't know if it's the right thread to post this, but:

I have the opinion that the Devil would be happy to let us have the KJV, provided the letters are too small that it's not enjoyable to read them, or make us dislike Bible reading because the longer we read the more our physical eyes are hurt.

Some young Christian ladies like the smaller Bibles (and, therefore, in small print) because it's easy to carry, but they would like to have a more readable Bible for study purposes. But to have a "big" Bible with very small letters seems to have a double disadvantage - bulky and unpleasant.
Old 07-25-2008, 08:46 AM
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Default Postage cost

Postage or shipping costs are higher than I thought, and I'm trying to think how some of you (who may want to help us with Bibles and books but don't have enough for the shipping costs) can partake in a cheaper way.

I received an e-mail recently from a sister in the Lord, a Filipina, working in Hammond as a nurse. She's been there for two years now. She came from my father's church, and she told me she would help in sending books and Bibles. She has bought a few and has sent them along with the package she sends for her family.

I asked her if she's willing, and she told me to give her address to anyone who would like to send Bibles, books, etc. through her. This will save you from postage expenses, as she will just include it in the box she sends to her family and to the new church she's helping in the Philippines.

If anyone wants her address, please e-mail me. Thank you very much!

Bible student
Old 07-25-2008, 09:08 AM
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I trust the Bibles we sent are large enough print. I was very pleased with the quality of those Bibles.

The USPS has a "Large flat rate box" that you can fit nine of those Bibles in (up to 20 pounds) and send to almost any country in the world for just under $50. It's a little bit expensive, but when you consider how far they travel and the fact that they reliably get there, it's not that bad.

For anyone who is curious:

The Bibles I settled on getting for distribution have ISBN # 9780007103072. They are a kind of "leatherett" -- paperback but with a sturdy cover that looks something like leather. The text is "smallish" but very legible (at least to my eyes). The font is very clear and there are no margin notes to distract the reader.

I ordered a supply of them from Independent Publishers Group. If you order 20 they will give you a 47% discount. We've shipped them off to missionaries and hope to be able to do it again as the Lord provides.
Old 07-25-2008, 09:28 AM
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Yes, Diligent! I'd rather say the text is "regular-sized". Everyone can read them. So far, only one elderly woman (over 80 years old) in our church needs a giant-print Bible, and she owns one. Thanks again!
Old 07-28-2008, 08:19 PM
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Bible Student,

In order to send anything to you via freight your home address is needed. Please post here (if you like) or send to our personal email. Also a phone number is needed.

You have stated that you are using a type of juice for your throat. What is the name of the juice? I use xango (mangosteen) for my joints and wondered if it might be what you are using. It is so expensive but the relief I have had has been worth it. God is merciful, I am so glad that He is.

In Christian love'

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