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Default The next step

I think that the original intention of the critical text has almost competed it goal (i.e. that of a generation of Christians within the protestant world that has been shifted from the received text). But my question is whatís next? I donít see the labours of modern scholarship achieving anything else now because they have accomplished (that is, in modern Christendom) the very purpose of what they were created to do!

Like evolution, the introduction of cults and many other evils that sprung up out of the 1800s, they were unleashed on the world for a reason and not as an end in themselves. The continual production of modern bible versions isnít going to end with the final unchallenged pure text of Scripture (as that is what they departed from in the first place). Evolution is never going to produce the answer of our origins (as that is what it has taken us from) cults can never give us the truth of God (as that is what they have departed from). So where do you see the bible version issue heading to (as it cannot go much further before it burns itself out) because there will never be an absolute standard amongst them.

I can see something new coming over the horizon, something that will replace all of these things because the foundation of absolute truth has been eroded to the point of oblivion. We all know of the one world government and one world religious system that is being set up before our very eyes, but my question is; what is going to become the absolute standard that determines to these people the words of their god?

Do you think that bibles will be a thing of the past in the churches to come or will they incorporate something additional to what is presently understood? Will the apocrypha find its way back into their religious literature, will gender neutrality and religious tolerance merge together into one complete volume?

I donít believe that the endless labours of the hidden groups behind the scenes have passed the baton on through the centuries with the aim of individual freedom. I believe that we have been herded into a state of neutrality in order to move us towards a further stage in their plans.

Neither do I believe that Rome took the reformation on the chin and decided to let bygones be bygones.
(which reminds me Ė does anyone have any useful information on the Oxford movement?) I believe that these modern bible version have simply been part of their plans and once that they have stripped Christendom of its foundation then they will carry out the completion of their mission.

What are your thoughts?

God bless


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