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Originally Posted by Steve54 View Post
I have to agree, and strangely enough, I have been attacked from the pulpit for my habit of making notes on paper and bookmarking the appropriate Bible pages with them rather than scribbling all over the pages of the Bible. Yes, it is an expensive Bible, but God bought it and will buy me another one, but to attack someone because they don't take scribble notes and take care of their Bible seems a bit weird to me. I just prayed for the fellow at the pulpit to be a bit more open-minded about the whole deal.

Take the Book of James, for example...go read it right now and tell me which parts you WOULDN'T underline rather than the ones you would. It is a lot shorter list, I bet...

With my Thompson, I will make an occasional side reference, usually from the NT to the OT if Dr. Thompson hasn't done it. Not a big deal.
Right, same here. When you have a 200 dollar goatskin Cambridge Reference Bible it just seems unfathomable to write in the thing. If I had a Thompson I might write it in it, but I doubt it. I've just had this peculiarity about me that I want only God's Word in my Bible, not notes (yes my reference Bible drives me nuts), nor additional markings of any kind. But that being said I do really love to look at the Bibles that belong to folks that do write in them. It is such a beautiful thing to meet someone who loves God's Word so much that the signs of their love are written all over the thing.

Much Love in Christ Jesus,
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