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Default The Apocrypha

Greetings in Jesus Christ's name,
I was wondering if I could get some help on the Apocrypha. Last week I got into a debate with someone who believed the Apocrypha is God's inspired Word, which I believe its not. I am not the most well versed when it comes down to it. I have read through the Apocrypha once or twice and noted such things as Alms being an atonement for sin (Which it is not) along with a line in the Book of Wisdom talking about coming into a body undefiled (sinless) and the fact that none of the authors claim divine inspiration. Along with the additions to the Book of Daniel which just makes me think of Revelation and adding to the Word.

His defense for it was that Hebrews 11:35 refers to something in II Maccabees and he also sighted something in Timothy, I don't know what i did with the paper I have the references down on and I apologize for that. He also talked about the apocrpyha being included in the Dead Sea Scrolls and a few other places of that sort.

Mainly I was wondering if someone could help by either if you've studied it point me in the direction of sites and or books I can read up on it, or if you have the time give me an explanation yourself with references.

I believe that God keeps his word and if it was meant to be in the Bible it would be in all Bibles in some shape or form (As in their would just be many translations) Any information at all would be appreciated.

May the Lord Jesus bless you,

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