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Cool modern churches are a hindrance to God

It seems that most of the modern churches have totally lost the concept of the Bible being 'THE YARD STICK', from which to teach, train & implement sound doctrine to Christians. Jesus never had to resort to events, activities, concerts, bbq's, or similar - to ENTICE ignorants to come and listen to him - or, then be 'hit' with the truth.

Well, of course (some say) - He had the Holy Spirit AND miracles. It was kinda hard NOT to take notice of what He was doing.

So, it can be argued that the same Holy Spirit works in us Christians - or at least it should!

But, generally, we don't see that happening. What happens next is that instead of causing (inflated) preachers to repent and seek unction in prayer, they resort to 'worldy' mass media propaganda to lure people into their fold with empty promises of false hope & comfort. The Holy Spirit hasn't drawn these people in - it was the entertainment!

Because the Holy Spirit has left the churches & preachers, THEY now must make up that lack by inventing ever more 'entertainment' to draw the masses, raise offerings and money - TO ACHIEVE WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T ACHIEVE IN THEIR CHURCH!

They resort to twisting and accepting 'some' old testament scriptures for the purpose of justifying their greed for money (tithe, etc), but absolutely reject other o/t scriptures which deal with many more important issues of our lives (raising / training children, etc).

IF, (and the 'if' is huge), the Holy Spirit was really working in those churches and preachers - the 'un-churched' (what a stupid word, invented by religious hypocrites!) COULDN'T BE STOPPED to attend services where they are going to meet with God!

Of course, I'm only talking about 1st world countries, where comfort and prosperity has replaced the need for soul saving searching of the hearts - AND where nominal Christian hypocrites have elected to '... heap unto themselves teachers, having itching ears ...', which do NOTHING to heal the spiritual disaster amongst the Nations but give them what they want to hear!

The KJV is perfect for allowing true believers to align their personal life & family according to the will of God; making it possible to withdraw from the demands of un-christian preachers and become the Christian Pillar in our own neighbourhood, 'becoming' like Jesus (as in representative of ...) to the souls in our reachable environment.

When Jesus gave the 'Great Commission' of going out into the World, it was NOT meant to be done by raising money in an unbiblical/ungodly way! NO! It was meant to be done by following His footsteps, sanctifying one's soul & heart, consecrating oneself to His service and obeying His leading. Then the Holy Spirit would honour AND " ... work with them, confirming with signs following ...", and souls would come, seek & find salvation (at least the ones who are seeking).

How can today's churches so easily ask for money to be given to help build hospital wards, help with cancer research - BUT refuse at the same time to teach/warn all those in need of healing that God is our 1st physician! Try to get right with God first - before running to the hospital for medicine! At least give it a real good try - AND persevere! And, by the way - many of the diseases running amok through the Nations are caused by the lack of observance of MANY other commandments of God: Hygiene, sexual purity, food, life style ..... so, no change of what you're doing against God in your own life - DON'T expect God to jump and drag you from the sewer - you so love to wallow in!

How can today's churches (hyporites!) allow this to happen:
- 'Xmas' tree is changed to 'Giving Tree' (at least in Australia & Europe); so those anti-christianity religious zealots have no more reason to be offended !!??? (yes, I know it's pagan)
- Appeal to our 'Christian' tolerance & Love, to give generously to support and help an anti-christian nations & people !!!??
- And never even start to teach those nations that they also 'reaped' from God what they sowed, but with repentance and turning towards God they can escape their curse (because that's all it is).

It's a triple lie !!! Satan not only double crosses his disciples, he even triple-crosses every wannabe Christian who thinks giving/supporting churches & charities (who are really wolves in sheep's clothing), who use the funds to promote false comfort to unsaved people, helping them out by 'covering up' the symptoms but not addressing the causes!

As if it's the most important thing for a child in 3rd world to receive a useless, misleading, conscience-soothing (for the giver) xmas gift?

By tugging at wannabe-hypocritical Christian's sentimental heart strings, they have bypassed God's' notion of 'tears of repentance are needed for everyone', and making futile the spiritual laws set in place at the time of creation - that people must SEEK God, and it is always between an individual and God only. NEVER between a church and God! It is the Holy Spirit who prompts everything - and he wants to lead, not kick up the backside!

Why was it that God only spoke to Moses from the burning bush AFTER Moses purposed in his heart that he was going to turn "... aside from his own way ...", to see what the wonderous sight in the mountain was all about?

God shows a sign
Moses has a change of heart and starts seeking
God speaks to Moses after that

No change of heart - God doesn't speak to Moses

That's how it is still today!

Let the churches show that God IS working amongst them.
Let the heathen see it, and THEN decide to turn aside from their way.
Then let God speak to them and convict them into conversion.
If they don't turn - human effort will not do it either.
We can't carry souls into heaven.
We can't convert anyone.
Sitting in churches doesn't save.
Salvation is individual.
Everything else is man-mad traditions which need not to be supported!
In fact, supporting most of them - equals preaching a false Gospel!

We see signs, but do we really change our hearts - to enquire of God what he wants us to do? For most the answer is NO. We just trust that the man in the pulpit has the right plan/vision and answers!

So wrong!
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Originally Posted by Julianus View Post
we don't see that happening. What happens next is that instead of causing (inflated) preachers to repent and seek unction in prayer, they resort to 'worldy' mass media propaganda to lure people into their fold with empty promises of false hope & comfort. The Holy Spirit hasn't drawn these people in - it was the entertainment!

We just trust that the man in the pulpit has the right plan/vision and answers!

So wrong!
I was at a church that was using entertainment. sheep to the slaughter. they hosted Fireproof,did the 40 days of love,purpose driven life and now Romans bible study by Rick warren, also had the worship team,music, now the NIV One year bible.
The preacher stood up and said he would use any means necessary to bring people into the church,i guess bringing in this entertainment justifies there means.
Not to be judgemental,but it makes for an easy sermon and the preacher doesn't have to spend alot of time.
We have instant microwaveble meals,now we have instant microwaveble sermons.
The preacher hinted to me to switch my KJ to there versions, and said that scholars smarter than you or I wrote them.

What happened to the sufficiency of Gods Word?? Now it takes guitar hero and play money to get kids interested in church. When you don't get the Bible then you end up filling your life with books,I did,they went in the trash 2 weeks ago. Gods word (King James Bible)is the only foundation i need.

The congregation gets what they want,so did i, I left.
Good post.

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