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Originally Posted by bibleprotector View Post
People should see that we are NOT saying "Unless you have the KJB, you cannot be saved".

Apollos knew only the baptism of John. It was good. But it was not the perfect understanding. Just as Apollos had the motive to spread truth and do good, so I would venture is the aims of the TRO folk.

But let us be clear: the Word of God is already available to many folk throughout the world today. There are three forms: modern versions (the worst), TR-based versions (multiple ones in some languages), and the KJB itself.

The best form of the Word of God for anyone is the KJB, and I would rather have the KJB given to people who have English as a second language than expend all the effort, resources, time and money on trying to get a KJB equivalent into their native dialects.

Therefore, I serious doubt that we could say that some Poles or Spanish-speakers are missing out of the Scripture, as the above statement implies, "spread it into the hands of souls that have no word of God". It is not that they do not have the Word, but it is as if many need the best form, and that it would be good for them all to have it, namely the pure and perfect KJB.

The evidence of whether or not people are with us or not, is whether or not the KJB is being uphold as both the best, and as perfect. Many people on this forum agree that the KJB is perfect. That means that as far as the exact knowledge of Scripture is concerned, the KJB itself must be upheld as the final form of the Received Text, to which we desire all folk of all languages to acknowledge, even if English is not their first language. This is despite the existence of Scripture in other previous translations.
Then let's you and I be at peace with each other on this topic, brother, and continue to run our course that we may decrease and He increase. The KJV is a worthless lump of wood pulp to the average Arab man on the street, he can't read it. It's not inspired to him. God cannot breath through it. That's the purpose of I Cor. 14. We are forbidden to preach the gospel of Christ in English to an Arab or Chinese who cannot understand it. The Catholic Church preached in an unknown tongue(Latin) with no interpreter for 1700 years and burned those who tried to give His words, even their corrupted versions, to the common man. Do you understand my teaching on I Cor. 14 now?

I'm with you and not against you on the KJV. To a point. At no time in history were the original manuscripts ever gathered together in one inspired volume that God could speak through until 1611. I have a Reina/Valera of 1569 on my computer Bible program. Purge out the "Apocrypha" and it looks pretty good to my uneducated-in-Spanish eyes. Are there errors in it? Why have they not been corrected? I'm being neither sarcastic or accusatory, but we have an entire continent on this planet that speaks nothing but Spanish, other than some native Indian tongues.

Let me offer you my right hand in fellowship and let's move on to our discussion of the Lord's cry on the cross and water baptism in Leviticus 8 when I can get time to write, and when those are over let's just pray for each other, separated by thousands of miles but brothers in Him who is closer than a brother.

Grace and peace to you


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