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Default Are only KJO saved?

This has probably been addressed before here, I did a search but didn't see anything like this though.


Do you believe only those who believe the King James Bible are saved?

Now, before everybody starts screaming, I got saved when I was 11 years old in a Baptist church hearing a sermon from the KJB, and being led to the Lord with verses from the KJB.

But after that I was kind of own my own. My family moved to another city. My family was not religious whatsoever. But my family was aware that I had a "religious experience" as my Dad called it. I had an Aunt who sent me a Revised Standard Version, but it caused me lots of confusion, especially the notes that said things like "older manuscripts do not include these verses". To make matters worse, Jehovah's Witnesses used to drop by, and my father would give them a small donation and get copies of the Watchtower just for me. I was a kid, didn't know better, I used to read them. Man, did I get confused, and started to doubt my salvation.

This really bothered me, and I prayed to God to show me the truth, and which religion was right. I also had a little pocket KJB and took to it. I started to examine the beliefs of different denominations. Finally, to me, I felt the Baptists were closest (not perfect) to what the Bible really says. So I have been an Baptist ever since.

So, I know you can be saved and read a corrupt version. But I personally believe that eventually a truly saved person will come to the King James Bible. Of course, this could take many years, maybe even a lifetime.

I have trouble believeing that someone who does not believe that God would keep his word can be saved.

Hope this doesn't start a riot.

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