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Jews only (few in number)
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Gentiles only (few in number)
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Anyone (few in number)
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Jews only (many in number)
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Gentiles only (many in number)
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Anyone (many in number)
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Old 05-14-2008, 10:51 AM
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Well put, Easy.

And the answer is undoubtably "anyone, many in number" (MANY, but not to be confused with the majority of man).
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Old 05-14-2008, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Easy E View Post
His point is that there is more than one kind of 'repentance' in the Bible and if you get these confused you will have trouble. Every time the Bible talks about 'repentance' it is not always "from your sin". God repents many times (Gen 6, etc).
The 'repentance' that is preached by Paul in Acts 20 is not "from your sin". And when people add this 'repentance from your sin' to the Gospel of the Grace of God, things get sticky fast.
That's odd, when I look at the word repent in the original greek it shows
metanoeo met-an-o-eh'-o
from 3326 and 3539; to think differently or afterwards, i.e. reconsider (morally, feel compunction):--repent.
To imply that the Gospel has some other meaning of repentance, is I think going to get things a bit more 'STICKY' as you say.
Old 05-15-2008, 01:33 AM
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First off, I don't care what the "original Greek" says. I do read and write some Greek and have three more years ahead of me, and I consider that but "dung".

Secondly, I am not adding another kind of repentance to the Gospel of the Grace of God. Read the context of the posts before mine. We would be in complete agreement on this, but only in the context of the Gospel.

I was commenting on the common practice of saying that a person must forsake his sin and somehow make himself worthy of faith before he can actually believe in Jesus. These are the people who add to the Gospel.

Nevertheless there is more than one kind of repentance in the Bible, Paul is telling people to repent of their unbelief (Acts 20:21 and 26:20). But God in Genesis 6 is not repenting of his unbelief in Himself. That is ridiculous. He is also not repenting "of his sin". He is God, he cannot sin.

Gord, how about you "run the references" and then tell me if you think there is only one kind of repentence in the whole Bible. There is a lot more to be said on this topic.
Old 05-15-2008, 11:20 AM
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This very issue has been discussed previously in the Repentance thread under Doctrine.
Old 07-04-2008, 06:14 AM
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First you would have to discribe how salvation works in the Tribulation. they are not going to be added to the Body of Christ because that is finished at the gathering unto him of his Body.

Salvation is not the same in the Great Tribulation. all those who die for their faith, the word, and Jesus will be resurrected to be subjects in the Kingdom.
Q. So for what reason are they saved? A. to be subject in the Kingdom.

Q How many? A. It says that if this time was not cut short even the elect (speaking of Israel not Calvinist) would perish. so I would gather from reading my Bible, not many get saved. it will be a remnant of Israel and a remnant of Gentile nations

But they are not saved in the sense as we are to be in the likeness of Christ. They still must live through the Kingdom Age, keep all the Kingdom rules for living, face judgement and enter into the gate of New Jerusalem where there they will eat of the tree of life to get their eternal life and eat the leaves to heal their bodies, and drink of the rivers of life. when they get there they will stop ageing at the age they are when entering in. their bodies are given eternal status but at the age they are. leaves for healing to give them healthy eternal bodies aged or young, waters of life to renew their vitality. then they enter into eternety to be with us forever.

This way heaven will be populated with different people at different ages. Some of these (the OT saints and sinners) wont even be alive in the Kingdom they come to judgement for their works and either enter into heaven or enter into the lake of eternal fire.
Old 08-04-2008, 12:05 PM
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In My Opinion from reading My Bible, It will be the remnant of Israel (12 Tribes of 12, 000) and those they would evangelize that have not initially rejected the Gospel Of Christ.

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