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Default The differences of tongues and unknown tongues in Acts, 1 Corinthians

I have read the posts and I would now like to add this.

This is by far a very difficult set scripture in 1Cor 12 to understand. So I have taken time to list out the differences here. Also the doctrine of the manifestation of the Holy Ghost or the gift of tongues is clearly laid out here and it would seem the Charismatic Pentecostal or any other church that would allow an unbiblical use of tongues would be in disobedience to the word of God. Having said that lets proceed.

Acts 2 tongues spoken only by men and there were 16 tongues spoken. For the record there were 11 original Apostles, one replacement Apostle and four brothers of Jesus together (16 men). They were spoken by either the 12 only or all 16. The women did not speak. All who heard were unbelieving Jews and Gentile Proselytes to Judaism only it does say devout men of all nations. That could be only Jewish men born in all nations or Proselytes of Gentiles nations or both.

Acts 10 tongues spoken by Gentiles and only heard by believing Jews. And it was the Gift of the Holy Ghost that they had received not the gift of tongues. The tongues here was for the believing Jews who did not believe God would give the Gentiles the Holy Ghost. So here it was a matter of not believing a doctrine not unsaved people.

Acts 19 But it would seem that these12 were unbelieving Jews, until they heard the words of Paul concerning Christ then believing they were rebaptized in Jesus Name. Afterwards when Paul laid hands on them they spoken in tongues and prophesied. 12 men speak in tongues no unbelieving Jews present to hear. What tongues? Possibly only Greek and Hebrew we are not told that anyone other than Paul heard them but most likely at least 2 others heard it (Luke for sure).

If 1Cor 1:22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom: it would seem that not all the event in Acts would fall under the Jew seeking a sign or needing a sign.

Gift of tongues or manifestation of the Holy Ghost in tongues. It is given to everyman (who is saved) to Profit withal. As the Holy Ghost will he gives these gifts and manifestations. Now these guys who set up Healing and Miracle Crusades and Tonguefests have a problem because it says they are given as the Spirit wills. The will of man cannot force the Holy Ghost to manifest itself to the profit withal every time they have a meeting or event scheduled. This would present a problem for most of the time when a man gets his hands on things it is his will and not God’s.

1Cor12 diverse tongues and interpretation of tongues. This is not given for a sign to believing or unbelieving Jews, but to profit withal that is all the Body of Christ. Also this is part of the doctrine of the gifts and their uses. Tongues is not to be spoken in an assembly of believers (unbelievers present) without an interpretation of tongues to go along with. Disobedience to this would be in sin and no filling of the Holy Ghost could be claimed by any practicing it without interpretation.

The standard defense against tongues is that 1Cor 13:8-10. But “that which is perfect is come” according to the context is not the Holy Bible but Jesus Christ at his second advent. But interesting enough is we cannot tell by the context if it is the sign or the gift Paul is talking about. So it would be safe to say ALL tongues either sign or gift when we see him Face to Face then they will be put away.

1Cor 14 here we have the first mentioning of an Unknown Tongue. Interesting this had never existed prior to the Corinthian Charismatic Movement and it had caused divisions, and turned away seekers of truth, manifested itself in flesh and sin, and even they were taking the Lords supper in an unworthy manner.

Unknown Tongue, it is the first time tongue is used singular in all of 1Corinthians. All other uses denote singular in individuals or singular in language of a certain race of people.

Here Paul tells us, Wherefore tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe, but to them that believe not: now this does go against what he just taught in chapter 12 about the gift or manifestation of the Holy Ghost that it was for the profit withal. It would seem by the context of this singular unknown tongue Pal is not talking about the gift in 12. But some may have been declaring to Paul that this was not the gift or manifestation of Chapter twelve but was the sign of Acts 2,or 19. So he declares it is a sign to unbelievers. Interesting it would seem maybe there were not to many seekers visiting the Corinthian church. For the context would tells us that they did this among themselves and Paul said it would be better to speak clearly and prophecy than in a unknown tongue. And if the unbeliever I convicted of his sin he would declare that God is among them.

Ok I have not ruled out that tongues are not for today. But that they could be manifest by the Holy Ghost if a believer is truly filled and the Lord wills for it to be done. The d=sing of tongues will once again manifest itself in the great Tribulation.
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1 Corinthians 1:22 "For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:"

All I know is that I have the perfect word of God in the King James Bible. I know that people did speak in tongues to give the Jews a sign. I don't need to see a sign to believe, my Salvation was based on believing on something that I couldn't see(Jesus Christ) and I came to believe that by hearing it in the word of God.

Romans 10:17 "So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God."

God Bless
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God bles you bro.

I was just showing you and the others the differences in the tongues. many have not really seen these clearly and it is important. I needed no sign to get saved either. but what would you make of to Profit withal? this is not a statement to unsaved people it is to believers (context). so as someone else stated their are defenately 2 types of tongues one that was used for a sign to Jews, on was a manifestation to profit the Body of Christ. It needed an interpretation. And then I revealed that there was another in 1Cor 14 and unknown tongue which was never seen before the Corinthian Charismatic movement which came back into effect in the early 1900's and has plagued the Body ever since.

the Perfect that is seen face to face is Jesus. a book has no face. many will agree that 1Cor 13:8-through to the end does not speak of a book or thing but of a person to whom we will see face to face.

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