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Old 02-27-2008, 08:49 AM
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Default Modern Version X vs Modern version Y

Hello there!
Praise God,
I Have no Enough time to
put down my contributions
But soon I will do have.
So for time Being , I will be
putting challenges to be discussed

Ok Let compare modern versions
For example you can put
then explain what you know,

The Message vs TNIV
and put what you want us to know
And Much more......
Ev. Steve
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What would be the purpose of comparing the mv's? They are basically the same (ie. in the sense that it would be the same general changes made, as the majority of the changes are from the underlying Critical Texts). It would be beneficial to list the major changes in the NU Text compared with the TR.

Of course, there are some mv's that are more liberal even than the others - many are Dynamic Equivelant, which means they supposedly try to translate the thoughts the Bible writers had, rather than what was actually written (as if they can read their minds beyond what was written) - then there are those that are paraphrases, and these certainly are even more liberal. It may be beneficial to show some of the worst changes in the mv's, but generally comparing the NIV to the NASV, etc. really wouldn't help anyone overall - comparing any of the mv's to the KJV would be helpful.
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I personally have trouble finding the bad passages in the NKJV because it's deception is different than all other mvs. It generally uses the TR, but in thousands of instances the modern texts are used to replace TR words. WHen you find a disgusting corrupted verse in the NIV, it will probably be ok in the NKJV. WHile the NKJ is definitely a perversion, it is spared from most of the wrong verses, kind of like a "distraction". Its wrong verses are different verses from the NIV.

The NIV and NASV especially are similar, but the NIV often goes farther into stupidity than the NASV. I know of a very "scholarly" family who condemn the NIV, but uphold the NKJV and NASB, claiming that the NIV translators were idiots.
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exactly, but there are certainly verses in those new translations which have been translated better than the king james and new king james accept that overall their percentage of reliability is much less and there perversion is much higher. I have used all the modern versions in helping me to translate my own version and took the best parts from all of them as suited me to get the clearest possible picture.
My version is called the 21st century king james version and i haven't finished typing it out yet but the text is finished.
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My version is called the 21st century king james version and i haven't finished typing it out yet but the text is finished.
There already is one with that name, also known as "KJ21".

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