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Old 10-05-2008, 02:47 PM
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Default Light For Isreal

Hey Brethren

My Church service tonight was held by a brother called Tom Rice from the SDHS (The society for the distribution of Hebrew Scriptures)
This is a ministry that had translated the new testament into Hebrew & the corresponding Jewish language and is distributed freely to Jews throughout the world. They have a stall every year at a book festival in Jerusalem and many Jews have been taking the New testament as well as their own T'Nach distributed by Toms Ministry, as many Jews don't have a copy of the T'Nach themselves. The reception the Jewish people have been showing towards this ministry is simply worthy of Praise to the LORD as it really is a miracle, that Orthodox Jews are now seeking Christ through his Word, clearly another indication that Christ is at the door.
I was extremely Blessed by his Morning sermon and evening Talk on their ministry and I thought I would share their translation info.

The Original Texts
The T'Nach (Old Testament) was originally written in Hebrew. This Hebrew text was preserved by a group of Jewish scholars known as the Massoretes. The Massoretic text was the only Hebrew text in use for several hundred years until the textual critics began their work of creating false texts in the early 1800's. For a complete history of the Massoretic text, click here.

The New Testament was written in Greek which was the common language of the Roman Empire during the New Testament period. The original Greek manuscripts have been compiled into a printed text known as the Textus Receptus, or the Received Text. Again, the textual critics began in the early 1800's to create other Greek texts which are not the Word of God. These critics claim to be able to determine what is God's Word and what is not. They add, change and delete large portions of God's Word. The Westcott/Hort and later the Nestle/Aland Greek texts both fall into this category.

The Translations
All Scripture translations distributed by Light for Israel are translated from the above two original texts. These are God's Word. The are accurate and can be trusted. We will not promote, recommend nor distribute any translations from any other texts. A short summary of each translation we provide is listed below. Please go to the history article for each translation to learn more.

The T'Nach (Old Testament)
- The Hebrew text
- The English translation is the King James Version.

The New Testament
- The Hebrew New Testament was translated by Isaac Salkinson and Christian David Ginsburg 1887. It was edited to correspond with the Greek Textus Receptus by Rev.Dr. Eric Gabe, 2000 © Copyright of Society for Distributing Hebrew Scriptures.

- The English translation the King James Version. AMEN!
More info can be found on
The King James Bible Page SwordSearcher Bible Software
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Thanks for the information and the link. I'll into this, it looks worthwhile so far.

None of the Hebrew Bible PDF links work, nor dose any of her Bible links. This is sad.

Old 10-05-2008, 02:52 PM
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I actually had you in mind Brother when you mentioned your witness to the Jews, the stories that Tom shared with me tonight are a blessing, to think of Orthodox Jews reading the new testament is praise in itself. It has strengthened my belief in many of the fundamental doctrines of the Faith, that in turn place a lot of relevance in this that we see before our eyes.
Old 10-05-2008, 02:54 PM
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he told me earlier that someone was working on the site tonight, could be that.
What I posted was off the translation info, and that was 15 mins ago, now its not there. I guess someones at the other end

The basics are that they have translated the new testament to Hebrew and corresponding language, 12 languages in all so far

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