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Default Prayer

Lately I've been reading some about revival and prayer, which always convicts me mightily of how little I pray compared to what I'd like to be able to do. The most effective people of God have had powerful prayer lives, sometimes able to pray for hours on end. Some old-time pentecostals would talk of praying "through" an issue to the point that they knew God had heard and would answer, often after hours or even days. I'm not a pentecostal but I have to admire that kind of zeal. I've never had such an experience in prayer though I pray for it -- not consistently enough probably. I have experienced plenty of answered prayer, but the issues that concern me most remain unanswered, family member salvations for instance, revival, more effective Christian life for myself and others. The most I've been able to do is about an hour at a time, very occasionally more than that, and often struggling with distractedness. I have the impression I'm not alone in this, but I'd like to hear from others if they have the same problem or feel they have real prayer power, and any advice about how to get it if they do.

Thank you.
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Hi Connie, this is an age old problem that christians face and grapple with at some time.
I think what also makes it worse is what you read, when I have read biographies of famous christians I have come away challenged sure but there is always an element of beating yourself up because you think you do not pray enough etc.
I believe we need to keep things in perspective e.g. when we read of folks up at 0500 and having 4 hours of prayer, we have to remember the time frame and lifestyle they lived in... i.e. we do not live in the time of Wesley
It is really a matter of finding what works, there is sadly no 'one size fits all' method.

However this may help, George Muller used to practice what is known as Pray Reading the Scripture. Some say that was the secret of his ministry. How it works is like this.
Have your daily devotions but instead of reading then praying or vice versa, do both together... lets see if I can demonstrate...
Ok take say John 3 as your reading for the day, as you read each verse think of what prayer requests, things to thank/praise God for etc... as you get to an appropriate verse turn verse into a prayer i.e. You hit John 3:16... say you have unsaved family/friends etc you stop and pary say, Dear lord reveal yourself and your love and Grace to xyz... help me to live the Gospel before them... to speak up for you etc... whatever comes into your mind, you may also want to thank God for your salvation etc.. go on with your reading stopping when appropriate. If it is a promise Thank God claim it for self or others, warnings or sin confess etc...
You will find that time will go and you will read a lot of scripture and do an awful lot of praying
It takes some getting used to but also you do not have to fight off the distractions that come into your mind when conventionally praying.. you turn them into prayers and apply the scriptures to them..

Excuse the length hope this helps, give it a whirl and see ...
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Thank you, I will try that.
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That is wonderful advice. it even helps an old timer like me. I was taught that some time ago and had forgotten it. Thanks for that reminder.

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