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Bro. Parrish
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Originally Posted by Nehemiah View Post
In other words, by way of example ONLY, given the longevity that people lived, Adam (a "son of GOD") takes a wife from "the daughters of men" who's 4-5 generations removed from him. . .that would equal one messed up off-spring, huh?
Adam didn't take a wife from the daughters of men.
You seem mired in confusion...

Originally Posted by Nehemiah View Post
Are we really suppose to believe that GOD, destroyed mankind (Save Noah's party), because "fallen angels" started procreating with human women? And yet, the so-called "embodied devils", were left by GOD, to do (and/or try) the same thing after the flood?
The word Nephilim means "fallen ones." Not Sethites.
It would seem you are having a problem with a spiritual being interfacing with female humans. Have you ever thought how Jesus wound up in Mary's womb? Considering that your very Saviour once lived in ambiotic fluid, only the most jaded of Bible students would completely close off the idea that at least some type of interaction could happen in the realm of evil as well. I'm actually not as dogmatic on all this as you may think, and I try to avoid from completely shutting out information from others, especially when I ask the questions.

Originally Posted by Nehemiah View Post
But you just stated that "Our perception is moot."
Look, if you want to truly have a "civil discussion" as you stated, why not just stop playing games. My comment about perception was in response to your indication that there were no real GIANTS, only perceptions of giants. The Bible is pretty clear about the fact that there were giants, whether YOU accept it or not. The comment about his WIFE, indicates you may be a stubborn jackanapes and this is unfortunate, as I had hoped you were looking for answers, not a merely a platform for your quips.

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