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Old 04-17-2009, 01:34 PM
cliffordsndrs451 cliffordsndrs451 is offline
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Default Prayer clarification.

I was looking for a little input regarding work. Until the Lord opens another door so I can indeed spend more time with my family. Work has taken an interesting turn. By the grace of God, I am still with the same company for almost 5 years now, and my personal testimony and witness has been strong at work. I am an independent OTR driver so I have only limited contact with the owner in a small company (45 employees). The owner's wife is dying of cancer and he has taken the opportunity for an illicit affair with a younger woman - I don't have any absolute knowledge nor do I really want any. He never talks to me like "one of the guys" and whenever I am in the office, the conversation always changes to just business. I certainly don't want it any other way since we are in this world and not of it. I treat him with respect as a business owner and my employer.

My question was about prayer for him and his company. I do pray for his salvation and for the business to do well in these economic times. My internal conflict is growing though and I have a hard time when I see his actions. Jesus taught us that we need to pray for those in authority over us and I know I should NEVER stop praying. I've seen his business deteriorate since his wife got sick and he hired this new employee. It seems to be spreading and I was thinking that perhaps God is beginning to take a more active role in his personal well being.

I seem to have a harder time separating my desire for his well being with my repulsion at his actions. I know we need to subordinate everything to the will of God. I think it would be wrong not to pray for him or his company. Many other workers are involved in his success.

I know that whatever God chooses to do, it will work out fine for me - it always does. His promises in Romans 8.28 has never failed me.

My boss is very careful around me and I know he relies on me to do my job and have bailed him out may times with loads he could not cover, but I also have personal responsibility to my family and ...

Does anyone have any suggestions - I know I don't fit in and of course I never will. Over the last 35 years (salvation) I know that will never happen.
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Old 04-17-2009, 02:20 PM
peopleoftheway peopleoftheway is offline
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Hi Brother

We will never fit into this world as Born again Christians because this is not our home. But while we are here on this earth as witnesses of The Lord Jesus Christ we have to pray for those that are in need of him the most, the lost. Pray not for his success in business, those things are temporal, pray for his salvation, pray that he see his error in his adultery with another woman while his wife is ill, but don't judge the man for his actions there is one greater to judge. If Christ can encourage us through his word to pray for those who despitefully use us then we must look to him for encouragement

Matthew 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

If Christ can expect us as Children Of God, to honour him by praying for those who persecute us, then we must look in our hearts to pray for those who don't hate us or persecute us with the same attitude. I know as well from personal experience that it can be hard to pray for people who wont accept Christ and make it well known unto us, but remember, we were once lost and I am certain God heard the prayers of those who prayed for us, and through Faith In Christ we changed, why cant they?
Old 04-18-2009, 01:51 AM
Hayseed Hayseed is offline
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I personally think you are doing all that can reasonably be expected of you Brother Clifford,you are interested in his salvation,you pray for him and for his business,he knows you are a believer and shows respect for you by not talking guy talk in your presence.

Don't forget too that some of these older men in business would not get a younger attractive woman if they did not have the financial security they have.They can be targeted by younger women then.
Since his wife is ill and all the strain that goes with that and the business not going as well since his wife is not there he could be very vunerable.

I shall pray for him,his wife and the family unit and business and that God will bring salvation to this man and his wife.

Mrs Hayseed
Old 04-18-2009, 02:43 PM
Winman Winman is offline
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I would pray for him, but even more importantly, I would pray for his wife who is ill, as she may not recover.

Now, you could go to your boss and express your concern for his wife, perhaps even give him some salvation literature for her, and even ask if you could speak to her personally. Even though this man is being unfaithful, I am sure he has much love and concern for his wife. You never know, perhaps this will bring great conviction upon this man. It is possible they both may be saved.

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