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Originally Posted by Connie View Post
I'm wondering if anyone here has given thought to the benefit and possibility of having a completely new Authorized Version done.
This is simply not going to happen. Chief among reasons is that there is simply no need for a new translation. The KJV is Modern English and readily understandable to anyone willing to study it.

Another reason is that there is simply nobody qualified to do it. At least not that I have seen. Every attempt to do a new "authorized" translation has failed.

This generation is not fit to produce a new standard of Scripture -- and that's what the KJV is -- our standard of Scripture.
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Jeff, you are comparing translations with the original manuscripts. They are not the same thing. However, I'll grant you that if we had preserved the King James translation as meticulously as the Jewish scribes preserved the Hebrew scriptures, not allowing all the changes to have taken place willynilly as has been done, also not allowing the original typesetting errors in the first place, we would be much better off.

Nevertheless, the original Greek scriptures are not what is in question (although they too suffered some errors changes over the years since the scribes weren't quite as perfect as the Jewish scribes with the Hebrew scriptures), a translation is not the same thing.

Again, we HAVE different versions of the KJB, which is discussed in many places on this site, this is not a proposal to start something brand new, they already exist but they were not done under proper authority. They were done by commercial enterprises and by individuals acting on their own. The point is, it gets done this way because it needs to be done, so do it right, and that may even mean only picking the very best edition now in existence by prayer and the approval of select representatives of the Body of Christ. In many counsellors there is safety.
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You may, unfortunately, be right about this generation, and that is the real problem. Too bad. It would be nice to be able to find the right KJB a lot easier than it is.

I will now drop the subject.
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It is the Spirit of God which gives comprehension of His Word, so so-called new text-forms, or so called new translating or so-called updating the so-called archaic language is not going to make a true improvement, especially since God has already set up His truth, and maintained it, providentially watching over it through history and making it the standard for the true Bible believers (I speak by faith).

The Scripture is a sealed book that God unseals. See Isaiah 29:11, 12. It has hard and dark sayings that the Spirit unlocks to us. See Proverbs 1:5-7.

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