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God uses the word Beginning to communicate to us a starting point but God has no starting point and his measurement of time is not the same as ours. that is why Peter said a day is as a 1000 years and 1000 years as a day. I am not saying their was not way of time quantum. But from Gen 2 the earth was created before our current time measurement was established that is clear by Gen1:1 and Gen 1:3-5.

We are still developing this very imports point in our view of the Gap. All Peter is trying to convey is that God time quantum is different than ours. that verse of Peter's describing time different is what cause the Day Age theorists to stumble. Because they want to impose on God our current time quantum and it can't be done because our time quantum has a starting point and it is not at the beginning but 6000 years ago. it has an ending too found recorded in Rev 20-22

the face of the deep is the firmament as a frozen sea the solid liquid form the container for which all the rest of 6 day creation is encased. we know outer space also known as DEEP space is not frozen but is a vacuum. but if we were able to reach the fullness we would run into a solid wall of Ice keeping us from entering God's Abode or the third heaven.

Darkness upon it the face of the deep is a fact that shows something that never existed before. You will notice God calls for light he does not create light and when that light enters in then there is a separation one from the other and from that point a time quantum of 12 hour evening and 12 hour days is established. then later he creates lights Sun, moon and stars with a dual purpose to carry out the continuum of the Time quantum and for lighting the earth.

Once God removes himself from the creation process after the seventh day and he had no lights to light the earth would fall into total darkness, all of creation would have died because science proves that the Sun light is need to propagate plant life, we need it for to develop vitamins A and D especially.

look at the words again, the world that then was and the But the heavens and the earth, which are now. Were the heavens eve flooded by the flood of Noah? the previous verse speaks only of the world then was not the heavens. the next verses in Peter speak of a heaven and an earth. all that was created in the 6 days current creation will be destroyed just as the world that "then was" was destroyed.

if you are a fan of Hovin or Morris I have read a lot of their material and studied their DVD's. Remember this they spend most of their time one debunking Evolution, speaking about the garden of Eden, and the atmosphere before the Flood of Noah and how animals live long. And we don't disagree with them on that area.

They spend very little time speaking about the Gap between Gen 1:1 and 1:2. they simply say it never existed and that 1:2 is the beginning. For us Gen 1:2 is the Beginning of the six days creation of our current Earth state. there are very few verse and you will have to get God mind on what the Purpose of the Earth was, where was Lucifer's throne (it was below the stars of God, not the stars created in Gen 1:14-19, the north of the north is a reference point for us today just like beginning in 1:1, a point that we can find. it is a place of entrance into the firmament according to Ruckman.

Their teaching on the verses in Job, Peter, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Isiah, Psalms and others that support a Gap between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 is very very shallow and often Kent Hovin will change the meaning of the word to fit his Young Earth view. but when we do the same we meet it with ridicule and scorn because of the prejudice against a gap theory because of the Theistic Evolutionist.

What these men teach on is basically between Gen 1:3 through Gen 7, and today's current world is only 4000 plus ears in existence. it is mainly just young earth theology. We believe that the current creation as we live in it is only 6000 years oldand that it began with a 6 day creation period.

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