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There is a Septuagint - the falsehood is that it was translated before Christ and is a sound manuscript (it is a corrupt one).
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I am open to the possibility that there was a Greek form of the Old Testament from before Christ, and it certainly is imperfect. It seems likely that when the Septuagint (LXX) was compiled and edited by Origen in his Hexapla (which contained other Greek translations of the OT too), he was further corrupting a pre-existing common (but "second rate") translation.

As far as I am aware, the contemporary persons among the Church Fathers do not expressly deny the pre-existence of the Septuagint, or claim that it only first appeared with Origen. (Unless there is evidence one way or the other, this is just a matter of opinions.)
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There was only the books of Moses translated into Greek before Christ - not the whole OT. This is documented by various sources. Origen's Hexapla is the first/oldest copy of the "Septuagint" in existence that contained the whole OT - and many believe that he was the one who translated it himself.

Alfred Edersheim mentions this in his book The Life And Times Of Jesus The Messiah over 100 years ago. I think Josephus also mentioned the Pentateuch in Greek, though no mention of the rest of the OT.
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we only have a piece of a text that is was OT translated into Greek. Ryland's papyrus. I have never heard that we have the books of Moses in Greek.
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i was wondering if anyone knew if in the septuagint the apoctypha is present, .. i rcently read an article that said the jews did consider the apocrypha scripture but removed it from canon by the time of Christ.. i know thats bogus, but i was wondering if anyone had anything i could use to refute that

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