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Old 02-06-2008, 02:31 AM
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Exclamation The Twisted World of Oprah and Friends


Feb 5 2008 01:44PM

A timely message from Jan Markell. A cloud of deception is enveloping the whole world. Oprah is a beloved icon and guru for millions. Her photo is everywhere. What she is doing now will lead millions away from the truth of God's love and grace. It is sad because as a child Oprah attended church regularly with her parents. This new effort is blasphemy.


The Twisted World of Oprah and Friends

Jan Markell
Olive Tree Ministries

If you haven't heard of "A Course in Miracles" or the proposed "Peace Alliance," then please pay attention. "New Age" queen Oprah Winfrey is promoting both, and it seems that what Oprah wants she gets due to her financial status and her loyal fans. Starting January 1, 2008, she began a daily feature on XM Satellite Radio featuring "A Course in Miracles"-one lesson a day. And also this year, she will have her own television network.

Marianne Williamson has picked up and run with the "Miracles" course, which was channeled to a woman back in the 1960s. In 1965 Helen Schucman heard an "inner voice" saying, "This is a course in miracles-please take note." For seven years she took spiritual dictation from a demon who said he was "Jesus." "A Course in Miracles" has now become the "New Age" bible.

Here are a few statements from the course:

* There is no sin.

* The journey to the cross should be the last "useless journey."

* Do not make the pathetic error of "clinging to the old rugged cross."

* The Name of "Jesus" is just symbolic of all the gods to which you pray.

* The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.

* The "atonement" is the final lesson man needs to learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.

This should come as no surprise in these latter days as the Bible is clear that some will not give heed to sound doctrine but rather listen to the doctrine of demons (II Tim. 4:3,4).

But the story of Oprah's and Williamson's push for all things unusual and unrighteous does not stop here. Williamson is trying to get a Cabinet level seat as a part of the "Peace Alliance" push by the two women. Check out the Web site on the U.S. Department of Peace.

Think about what the Bible has to say about peace apart from the Prince of Peace. It says it will be a futile effort and even bring destruction (I Thess. 5:3). The Antichrist will play off of peace, but Daniel says "by peace he shall destroy many" (Dan. 8:25). Yet Oprah and friends believe this "Peace Alliance" will usher in an era of global peace founded on "New Age" spirituality. They refer to it as a "civil rights movement of the soul."

We live in strange and deceptive times, so to sharpen your discernment, visit our "Spiritual Deception" category at the Web site. As believers, let us thank God for the real course in miracles. It's called the Bible.
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I just avoid her as completely as I can. I have seen a video where she has thi new age type person on her show promoting her new age theory. Two women stood up and said "How about Jesus?" Oprah replied, "What you mean? What abou Jesus?" The audience member cited John 14:6 and Oprah replied that it couldn't be because there has to be many ways to god (using lower case g here on purpose) and eventually, very quick eventually at that, Oprah claimed she can't debate religion. Irony was that she went right back to promoting the guest religion after that. If I find the video, I'd try and post it.

But her promotion of The Secret really threw me off, the whole think it (like say you want a bike) then it becomes a reality (like you get that bike somehow, someone gives it to you or whatever other legal means) I realized at the time the whole concept is just so demonic that I just avoid her altogether.
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I remember as a brand new Christian watching an episode of Oprah where a Christian was on because his brother was either gay or had a sex change - so of coruse she was promoting the abomination, then asking him some biased or mocking questions, just to bait him or make him look twisted. At one point, he stated God is love - and she said, "I know love is god, and it is in your heart." Nothing like completely turning around what someone says!
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I found this tidbit from Watchman Fellowship:

The Gospel According to Oprah

Clearly, Oprah Winfrey has been converted into the New Age Movement. And one of the biggest deceptions is that she apparently doesn't know it. Many of her favorite guests are major New Age proponents and authors, and Oprah contributes to the enormous popularity and sales of their books.

Some of these New Age guests (and a number of them make repeat appearances) are, Marianne Williamson, Barbara DeAngelis, LaVar Burton, Richard Carlson, Betty Eadie, Dannion Brinkley, M. Scott Peck, Sophy Burnham, Marilyn Ferguson, Kevin Ryerson, Shirley MacLaine, Sara Breathnach, James Hillman, and psychic medium and best-selling author, James Van Praagh.

Oprah is on a mission. Repeatedly stated, her "mission" is, "I want people to see things on our show that makes them think differently about their lives...To be a light for people. To make a open their minds and see things differently…how to get in touch with the spiritual part of their life." Unfortunately, the "light" Oprah offers is the "angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14), and "opening their minds," in this case means their brains fall out-they become empty headed (Romans 1:21-25).
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Check out this youtube video
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So glad you posted this. Christians need to be aware of what Oprah is doing because with her popularity and money she can turn millions against Christ and against us in a very organized way, which I believe is preparing the religious climate for the Antichrist soon to appear on the scene. We need to have answers or we'll be caught speechless.

I first started listening to the talks by this young man because of Oprah's stepped-up mission this year to indoctrinate the world with quite a battery of New Age teachings.

He has done a lot of study about this sort of thing and most of his talks are well worth listening to in my opinion. Some may have a problem with his style, I don't know, but what he says is something I think we all need to know.
Old 05-11-2008, 02:29 PM
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Interesting how she says she took God out of the box. Why did she put him in there to begin with. Her turning point was knowing God was a jealous God, well, she took it out of context. Look at where it says this in the Ten Commandments,5th Commandment, Exodus chpt20. Look at the Websters dictionary for Jealousy also meaning Zeal or Fever, than re-read the commandments. God is very serious about man NOT worshipping other gods, that is where i think she and others take it out of context.
What can you expect from New Agers?you are your own god. Puuuhhleeesss!

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