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Old 03-16-2008, 12:24 PM
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Hi LindaR. Yes, my husband and I were able to watch Time Changer 2 weeks ago and we loved it. I am planning to order more DVDs from the same company and start building a small dvd library. I thought Time Changer was sweet, well acted and very scriptural. I am looking forward to watch more and more Christian DVDs of that kind. Tonight, it will be "Late One Night" and tomorrow night, it will be "The Many Faces of Benny Hinn, all available from the same company as "Time Changer". God bless. Liz
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Hello; I just received this in my e-mail box and wanted to share with you. This is the Christiano Brothers web site. I have not seen any of the movies mentioned below, so I can't say good or bad. God bless. Monday, March 17, 2008

John Schmidt Films...Finally on DVD!

His films are some of the best Christian movies ever made and they are finally on DVD.

John Schmidt was the premiere Christian filmmaker in the 1980's and produced some of the most loved Christian films of all time.

In 1980, his first film was a light comedy entitled Super Christian which launched a career in filmmaking by a young man who became one of the best storytellers in the history of Christian films. He followed a year later with one of the great films of all time, Kevin Can Wait, about a college guy who wanted to do big things for God. He then produced The Greatest Story Never Told, with a terrific twist ending, in 1983.

In 1985, Schmidt produced his epic film, a feature length movie called The Wait of the World, about three writers from a Christian magazine who travel to different parts of the world to observe missions. What happens to each is life changing.

He ended the decade with the powerful sequel to Super Christian, simply entitled Super Christian 2.

And then finally, in 1992, He produced a sequel to The Wait of the World entitled, Guess Who's Coming To America.

"In my opinion," says owner Dave Christiano, "that 1992 film by John Schmidt is the most powerful and convicting message I have ever seen in a movie. It's about a Muslim named Mohammed who comes to stay with his writer friend in the USA. One night they get into a conversation about Christianity and Islam, and Mohammed proceeds to tell his friend why very few Muslims ever come to Christ. What Mohammed says is so very convicting and true, that it really makes you stop and wonder. I highly recommend this film for people to view."

Both Super Christian movies are on one dvd, as are The Wait of the World and Guess Who's Coming To America. All six of John Schmidt's movies are available on 4 dvds for just $48 on our website. You can order these titles individually or buy all 6 movies.


"A person will not regret watching these movies from John Schmidt", says Dave. "He is one of my top filmmakers and I really have enjoyed and appreciated his work. These movies are well done and the messages are really solid."

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Originally Posted by Why I Eyes Ya! View Post
I particularly like "Messages from heaven" which describes itself as 'A biblical examination of the apparitions of the virgin Mary in the end times'. A well-produced DVD that is interesting, chilling, and yet encouraging.

it gives a clear and concise presentation of the Gospel of Grace, and contrasts the words of these apparitions with Gods Word.

An excellent piece of apologetics
I also like that one. We have gotten several cases and sent them overseas. You can get a case of 30 for $120 if you are giving them away. Another movie I like is Late One Night I like Unidentified.

I recently bought Megiddo 1 and 2 from E-bay they were very good They didn;t use the KJV but had alot of good people on there. You can also watch them online just do a google search and you should find them. God bless.
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Thumbs up Facing The Giants
Is a fine family movie that I was honored to watch.
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I think Facing the Giants is a good movie, and I really enjoyed it, but it left a bit of the "if you just pray hard enough you'll get what you ask for" taste in my mouth......

I'm certain part of it comes from not only going through something similar to the couple, but in knowing hundreds of other couples who deal with the same issues in trying to have a family.

It was a little too much of "all your wishes granted" for me. Which feeds into this idea that I see a lot of people have: That God is some "genie" granting your prayers if you just pray right or do this or that right you'll get everything you ask for. He doesn't say He'll answer our prayers, just that we'll have peace.

Still. I really like the movie and suggested it to my friends.

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