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Originally Posted by Diligent
Originally Posted by Connie
What I mean is that if a true updated King James had been done that people felt were more accessible, it would be chosen by more churches or at least more individuals.
What makes you think that? Is that your intuition? They are obviously not satisfied with any of the modern versions -- they keep clamoring for a new one every year. What reason do you have for believing a "New New KJV" would be any different?
Who is "they?" Seems to me it's the publishers and sellers who are seducing the flock, and the seminaries are teaching that the modern versions are acceptable and so it goes.

I'm with those advocating a final update by a group of church-appointed Spirit-led born-again scholars. (Final because I am very sure we are in the very last of the last days and there is probably not even time for such a project, but if there is time then it should be done.) Why do I think it would be any different? Because it hasn't yet been done. All that has been done is the false versions.

Yes, I guess it's my "intuition," my Spirit-led intuition. Too bad we all claim this kind of leading and yet disagree.

Originally Posted by Diligent
The fact is, people -- most Christians -- could not be bothered to actually care about the authority of God's word. They don't even trust their chosen, preferred modern versions to guide them in their faith. They heap to themselves evermore teachers and scholars to tell them how to get along with the world, when we are supposed to contend for the truth.
You have a very low view of today's Christians. Not all the church is apostate. There are still true sheep who are being misled by the shepherds, even by wellmeaning shepherds who are also misled. Yeah, sure, I'm trusting in my own judgment about this stuff, but so is everybody. Seems to me that if you dismiss them all as apostates you are in danger of contributing to their confusion and weak faith by your hard attitude toward them -- and I've seen a lot of this hard attitude at this site along with the good teaching I've found very helpful. I know true Christians who are of very weak faith but I know they are nevertheless true Christians, true as they can be with the poor teaching they get. We don't all have the same degree of faith or understanding, and the shepherds have the responsibility for the condition of these weaker Christians -- and you know that is scriptural. The shepherds will be judged very harshly in the end, and some of this KJB-onlyism isn't helping the situation -- yes, again, my (Bible-fed Spirit-led) judgment.

Originally Posted by Diligent
Originally Posted by Connie
on the KJB-only side that is contributing just as much as itching ears to the current situation -- a fleshly stubbornness, not a Spirit-led discernment.
What makes you qualified to make such a judgment? And no, I'm not talking about your gender. What evidence do you have to support this charge you are making?
All any of us has is our hopefully Bible-fed Spirit led judgment. That's all you have too.

Originally Posted by Diligent
Originally Posted by Connie
I hate to think of the millions who are being deceived into accepting the corrupt versions. It's not ALL itching ears, there are people who are simply being misled by their leaders -- leaders who usually preach good doctrine, in my opinion though probably not the strictest KJB-onlyers' opinion, and I honestly believe some of this situation is the fault of the latter.
This is a very Chamberlain-esque line of reasoning.
Not an edifying statement.

Originally Posted by Diligent
I've been dealing with KJV detractors for a while now -- this website brings all sorts and some of the email I get is just unfathomable -- and I can tell you without any question that an "update" of the language of the KJV is not an issue. Period. There is a concerted effort to replace the authority of the Bible with the authority of men. That is why the KJV is being rejected. It's not because of a few "eths."
Such charges may be correct, though I can't tell for sure without more information, and if they are correct I'd say you are apparently hearing from the apostates -- though perhaps you are hearing from people who are misled by admired and otherwise worthy shepherds (whom perhaps you don't believe even exist). But I'm talking about the flock at large.

Originally Posted by Diligent
Originally Posted by Connie
Bro Tim may be right that it's simply impossible to get a true update in any case, but I find it hard to give up on it.
Why? Do you think God gave you a mission to advocate for a revision of his Bible? This is a serious question -- you are admitting this is your heart here. Is this desire of your heart from God or from your human heart? Do you know what the Bible says about our hearts?
I am admitting no such thing. Finding it hard to give up on it doesn't imply that except to someone who makes words mean such things. I feel strongly about various problems I see in the churches and I write about them all the time, for years now, and I pray for the Lord's leading and that He would keep me from error though I know that of course we are all prone to error. I'm getting a blog started on these things as well. Strong concerns like these may very well indicate a mission from God, at least a spiritual gift in a certain direction. Nothing I said implies I'm trusting my deceitful heart, and why couldn't the same be said back to you? One of the problems that concerns me is in fact people trusting their hearts which are deceitful above all things.

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