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Default Moved from Biblical Marriage thread

Pam, thank you for the personal info you sent.

I wish to share this just so no one gets any wrong opinion or idea of any of my earlier post.

I quote Pam, "I am specifically referring to your post #72 on the Biblical Marriage thread where you said that you were "just guessing that [i] may have went to a public school" and/or that I was taught "sophist" reasoning by my teachers, my family, or TV.

Just so you know, I went to a Christian school (K-12) that was known in our town for employing teaching methods and ideas that went directly contrary to the public school system. My parents got saved when I was about six years old and endeavored to teach me biblically; for years, I have STOOD AGAINST the parts of my extended family that try to say we should teach our daughter to be more INDEPENDENT...they mean an independent career woman who thinks for herself and 'doesn't need a man.'

And we have known about the dangers and deceitfulness of the television for YEARS - we have not had TV service in ages! I don't even remember when we got rid of our TV - my 20-year-old daughter says she never remembers having TV (Praise the Lord - I did not realize it had been THAT long!)" End Quote

Sound like a nice Christian life was attempted by your mom and dad and they had left you with a good example for a Biblical Marriage.

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