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Old 03-01-2008, 09:21 AM
Pastor Mikie
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The good thing about Christian music, there's plenty of variety to satisfy every taste. However, saying more than what the Bible says about music and then deciding that is God's view is a little arrogant. There are no intrinsically evil instruments, beats, chord progressions, etc. Music is neutral. There are evil people and spirits out there that influence music. When the devil fell (became the devil), music fell, but not all music. God is more creative than that.

Drums aren't evil (Psalm 150). Any kind of music that causes people to have ungodly thoughts and do ungodly things, yes the Bible says that is sin. It isn't always the music's fault, though. The listener can have lustful thought no matter what kind of music is playing. When rhythmic music is playing, a baby's first instinct is to bounce up and down. People have to be taught to do the hip-swaying and other kinds of "dancing". No one came out of the womb doing the twist (etc.). They have to learn it and emulate it.

I hate it when women are on the church platform leading music and their attire is lewd. The music can be lovely with lyrics that glorify God and they ruin the whole thing because they are drawing attention to their "uniqueness". Then there are women who are 1st timothy 2:9 type of modest leading music with a full band (drums included) using back beats that some people get offended at that praises God and there is no lascivious behaviour going on. The attention isn't on them.

If you had a past involved in something that was sinful and something in the way of music brings back the memories of those days, don't blame the music unless the lyrical content and the musicians are truly guilty.

If you don't like a certain style of music, then don't listen to it. Don't hide behind your personal preferences and say you speak for God on the issue.

I did a concert at a church and started doing hymns and a man got up and walked out because I wasn't doing what he liked (Vineyard Music).

Opera music seems to always be about tragic romance. Is it the music's fault or is it the people and lyrical content that are to blame? When people dance in skimpy form-fitting tights at a ballet should we "ban" all classical music or put the blame where it belongs, on the performers and choreographers?

There are around 800 verses about music in the Bible and nowhere is there anything that states music as the evil.

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

Calling a style of music or a musical instrument evil is like calling a specific kind of hammer evil. Every kind of hammer can either build or destroy (and even kill). But the blame or accolades should be placed on the person using the hammer and not the hammer itself. The same with music.

Psalms has no melodies or harmonies listed. Why? Because it is the lyrics that are the focal point. Motives, lyrics and the spirits behind the evils that occur in music are to blame.

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