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Old 04-15-2008, 03:08 PM
Clyde Harris
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Default Muslim view on modern bible versions!!

The following two paragraphs are from a post I did on (The Christian Bible Verses the Koran)
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I recently read an article that was written with the perspective that Muslims are using the fact that Christians cannot agree on what is the word of God and what bible contains it, to make the point that the Koran or Quran has not changed and therefore is the only pure word from God, in the original Arabic language, the God they refer to as Allah.

Their point can be a convincing argument to anyone not well versed in the Christian Biblical history. Until the 1880's the Muslim community could not have used this argument, but then came the first challenge to the King James 1611-1769 Bible, the first modern perversion of the Holy Bible hit the market the RV of 1881, which as many do not know, was rejected by the Church body at large and shunned for many years for the perversion that it is.

Here is a post I ran across from a Muslim pointing out exactly what I posted in these two paragraphs.

A Muslim responding to which bible is the best on Yahoo answers 4/15/2008

so this is like saying one bible is better then the other.

I've read somewhere, i think it was in one of the bibles, and it said something like the king james version has many defects

first off this just prooves that there are more then one version of the bible, and it prooves that one is better then another. and it prooves that the bible is corrupt.

go with the Quran, there is only ONE it is in its original form, there is only one verison and it hasn't been changed.
• 1 day ago
hope you see the truth.
(PS I sent you a message not sure if you sent me one back..don't know how to check if you did)

Although his reasoning is quite faulty, in saying that because a modern version claims something in its preface makes it true or proves anything shows his lack of ability for any intellectual reasoning. He admits in the statement about, “this proves it is corrupt”, that he trust what the modern bible says in that instance, yet he rejects everything else it has to say.

His point that the Koran has not changed and it is still in its original form and the Christian Bible with its many different versions proves it is corrupt and can be a valid debating point for the Muslim Community

The believers that hold to the KJB 1661 text Bible are the only Christians that can stand against this claim by Muslims, as we too have the same original English Bible text from the beginning., William Tyndale up to KJB of 1611

Sadly the modern version advocate and some Christians do not.have the same level of respect for their Bible as do the Muslims.

'Christians wake up"
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Actually, there are various editions of the Koran (and changes made in them).
Old 04-15-2008, 04:24 PM
Clyde Harris
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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Actually, there are various editions of the Koran (and changes made in them).
Thanks Jerry I was not Aware of that fact, I have never read a Koran or had a need to as of yet

However, I still believe that it could be a valid point to sway someone on the edge looking for truth in their life to embrace the Muslim faith, I am not sure but I would think that most do not know that fact.

Most people know that there are many versions of our Christian Bible they are well advertised and talked about, Not so with the Koran.

I taught culinary arts and ran the library at a level 10 corr, facility; we had various bible versions but no Korans. The boys jailed there knew very well that that there were various bible versions and some could easily be swayed by this argument from a Muslim inmate there, even if it is not true, as well as some in the public arena who are not as well versed as you or others on the Koran.

Thanks again for that info.
Blessings, Clyde
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I saw also a booklet by a Muslim. He used the statements of the Revised Version stating that the KJV has many "grave defects". Then he said that even Christians don't believe or don't agree they have a perfect Word of God.

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