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Clyde Harris
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Default Slanderous labels or honest inquiry?

The proponents of the modern version bibles are as quick as an ‘Olde Western Quick Draw Outlaw’ to pull a slanderous label and hit a bible believer right between the eyes with it. Their favorite seems to be a ‘King James Only Cult’, or they may use KJV Onlyist, some will say that we are worshiping the KJB Bible instead Of Jesus Christ. Some will make false claims they we do not know and are ignorant of Biblical History and that we denigrate the scholars that produce the modern versions. They somehow miss the fact they by their position of believing the modern versions are a better translation than found in the 400 year old time tested KJB, ‘they’ are denigrating the translators of the KJB, “the pot calling the kettle black as it were”.

The use of labels is a smokescreen to cover up their lack of an honest inquiry. One thing they do not want to do is to examine the actual differences found in the modern versions as compared to the KJB. They have to be taken kicking and screaming to even take a look at the patterns of taking away the strength of ideas and doctrines found in scripture and how many scripture passages have been either removed or relegated and denigrated to a small footnote with a faith destroying disclaimers such as, “some manuscripts” or “the best manuscripts omit this verse”.

These footnotes leaves one with subtle message we cannot trust the Bible and we must put our trust in what a modern scholar thinks should or should not be a part of scripture based on their assessment of the all the manuscripts. What they do not tell the reader is that these so called best or better ‘some manuscripts” are in fact the minority manuscripts which are only about 5% of all the manuscripts that we have in existence today. We are asked to believe this some 5% minority text is a better source than the majority text that was used in the translation of William Tyndale’s work, Coverdale’s Bible edition, Matthew’s Bible edition, The Great Bible edition, the Geneva Bible edition KJB, the Bishop’s Bible edition, and the KJB 1611-1769-1900 edition.

While it is true that through out history the majority has often been wrong and the minorities have been right on some issues, such is not the case when it comes to God’s Word, as God promised to preserve his word for all generations. To think that God waited until the 1880’s to preserve his word, as in the RV, the first modern version attack on the KJB, or any modern version following is incredulous, and presupposes the idea that the Church (English reading body of Christ) since the 1525 Tyndale’s English edition through the 1611 KJB edition had a bible that was in error in doctrine and historical accounts.

KJB believers are often called the trouble makers and the divisive ones, yet we have been around since 1611 and have followed the bible translation methods set down from Tyndale in 1525. The modern version side started in 1881 with the RV, which was rejected the Church body at large. The modern version proponents are the ones that are causing the problems.

Similar to how the liberal faction in our society makes the assertion that they average person cannot take care of themselves with out their input, the modern version advocate asserts that most cannot understand the KJB and therefore needs the input from the modern scholar in the form of a so called easier to read and up to date bible text. The Holy Bible KJB is in fact easier to read than any of the modern versions, it has a base of words with less syllables, is at a lower over all reading grade level than any modern version. There is also a self defining aspect built into the KJB for words that maybe not understood.

Modern versions by copyright law have to contain a certain amount of words different from a previous one. This means that because the KJB has already used the smallest English word possible to convey the meaning and context of scripture, the modern versions by design have to use a larger more difficult word in order to receive their private copyrights. This is not hard to verify, just compare the different words by modern versions to those used by the KJB, where the meaning of scripture of course has not been altered. The modern version advocate who slanders the KJB reader will not want to do this in most cases.

Before I found the truth of the modern versions I had never heard the term ‘KJB Onlyist’ or the ‘KJB Cult’ these labels have seemed to be conveniently keep from the majority of the Christian Church body, until one discovers the truth and then they are subjected to this without any examination of the information they have uncovered. I was radically saved in 1984, and have not missed but a few Church services since and have even viewed all the TBN ministers since. I have listen to preachers from almost all denominations and independent preachers and never once had I heard these terms or that this was even an issue for the church.

Honest inquiry from the modern version advocates, forget it, it is not going to happen, If nothing else their pride will never allow it. They will slander you, try to discredit you, ridicule you, poke fun at you; in fact they will do everything, but examine the facts in a comparison to their bibles.

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