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Old 06-15-2009, 08:45 PM
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Default Response from Dr. Aordkian

I have posted this over at the original location of the thread - which had gone inactive for quite some time - under "Bible Versions" with the topic of "Dr. Solomon Aordkian." Since I wasn't sure anyone would look at that old thread, I'm posting this here, as well.

I wanted to let people know that I tried to phone Dr. Solomon Aordkian, regarding how and where to obtain a copy of his book, but he is a very busy Chiropractor and thus and I elected to write a snail-mail letter to him instead of leaving a voice mail message for him.

Today I received a lovely, handwritten, 2-page letter of reply from Dr. Aordkian, in which he stated his delight at receiving my letter regarding his book: Honoring the King James Bible: Exposing the Modern English Bible Versions as Counterfeits. He told me that Texe Marrs was selling that book about 7 years ago. That was where I had originally purchased it from. I'm not fond of Texe Marrs today, and how much he has gotten off-the-point regarding the Jewish people, but he did (and does) support the KJVO stance. Anyway, what Dr. Aordkian told me is that all of the printed copies that Texe Marrs made of his book have been distributed, and Texe Marrs owns the copyright. Dr. Aordkian is going to find out about how he can re-obtain the copyright, if Texe Marrs has no more plans to make another printing of the book. He plans to call Texe Marrs and I will keep in touch with him to find out the latest.

He told me that he isn't "computer oriented" and wanted to know what it meant to have an electronic copy of the book. I honestly am willing to type out the entire book - it's only 80 pages - if Dr. Aordkian gives me his permission to do so. I'm not sure about copyright issues though. So, even if I type it out, I will need to await permission and be given the authority to distribute it. Dr. Aordkian isn't interested in making a profit from it. He stated his purpose of writing the book as twofold: 1) "to expose other versions as counterfeits" and 2) "to put into the hands of Believers like yourself to help fortify your belief in the KJV and to give you ammunition to explain Satan's plot to others."

He told me that he is in the process of doing a 2 or 3 page synopsis of his book which he can photocopy - to help spread the word more.

I told him about our AV1611 Forum here and he thanked us for standing firm on the King James Bible.

I'll keep everyone informed as more information or a solution is found.

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Thanks sis Jassy for the helpful info... God bless you more!!!

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