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Old 08-13-2008, 08:15 PM
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What kind of mess is this? Is Debau calling the American people stupid? And what's up with the cheap shot that involves cursing? Yes I know Obama supports plan parent hood. Let's ask ourselves this? Did the early Christians curse Nero even when he was persucuting them? No because it wasn't a good witness for Christ. I'm am truly angered by the above post. To me this is the not the way we should be acting. Trials, tribualtions, and troubles will come. We will have bad leaders. We will have leaders that persucute us. But that shouldn't even bother us because of who our true leader is. We have become so comfortable in our American lifestyle of ease that when even the slightest hint of bad times come up we flip out. I understand in the above post the cursing involves the name of an animal but why is is bold and Highligted? It seems like a cheap shot to me. A lot of Christians don't have this freedom to speak as they please on the internet or anywhere. Just look a China for example. I see it as a insult that we have christian military members that are servants to the American people that are willing to serve them and die for them to speak like this. But we have christians taking advantage of the right to say what they want then take cheap cursing shots like the one above.

I think this is the time for me to bow out. King Solemon wrote about different things being pointless. I came to this site and found a lot of good information. I was excited when the forum was created but then realized some of the confusion that takes place in it. I have nothing against any of the members or the creator of the site. I think it's sometime pointless to try and argue a subject because no matter what I might say on this subject or any subject that differs from somebody else, it will get argued and neither party will walk away changed. They'll just walk away mad because the other person doesn't accept their opinion or disagrees with THEIR thoughts or THEIR doctrines. And like with anything christian group, satan will try and ease his way in and cause confusion. And we seen it here on this site before when people do it openly but sometimes it hard to catch him when he does it subtly.
My point is the above cursing wasn't even called for. No matter what this man does his sins are just as equal as ours and God can forgive him just like He forgave us. Theirs no need at taking cheap shots at the American people that I willing serve to defend them. And there is no reason to take shots at a a potiential leader that we are to pray for who no matter is views and opinions and beliefs and salvation status, I'm (and many others) am willing to be a servant (as Jesus said) and defend and if necessary die for the americans talked about in the above post including potential leaders. If you're talking about the people that we're serving and defending how does that make you better than anybody else outside the country that does it?
Yes Obama may be bad but how much better is his rival? And yes some may vote for the lesser of two evils but that's still a vote for evil. There is coming a test for the Christians in this country. This test is already happing to our brothers and sisters around the world. The test is when real persucution comes to the Christians of this country how will they stand? Will they bow out because they never saw persucution before or will they stand for Christ?. We have it so good here and many people don't think or even fathom the idea of actually dying for something.
To finally bring an end to this post; like I said before I bow out. I thank you all for the site and the information. But there are just tooooooooo many different DOCTRINES, VIEWS, OPINIONS, DENOMINATIONS, here for me. Everybody is not on one accord and unified except on the subject of KJVO but even then you have a few that aren't unified. Even the subject of salvation is DIVIDED. Everybody that disagree's are considered to not rightly dividing the Word of God. It's not good for a man to be around all of that. Eventually his views will come unearth from it's foundations and he become like a ship tossed on the water floating from one view and doctrine to another. That is exactly what happen to King Soleman. He had so many wives with different veiws and doctrines and eventually it turned him away from the truth.
To all the brothers and sisters in here, I love you and hope to see when are Lord returns. Keep praying and seeking God through His Word. Constantly let your light shine no matter where you are. And remember, you can have all the doctines, knowledge, views, opions, books, preachers, teachers, experience King James Bibles in the world BUT if you don't have LOVE you don't have anything.

Love your brother in Christ Toiwn

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Old 08-14-2008, 03:56 AM
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I agree this was an odd spot for Obama anti-christ thread.

we are all simple men in the eys of the world Toiwnz. I know many men like you ex-marines. but they like you have more wisdom than Obama and others.
Old 08-17-2008, 03:41 PM
Scott Simons
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Default Left? Right?

Obama, McCain what is the difference, these paradigm just are a distraction.
Old 08-21-2008, 02:24 AM
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Have any of you thought of this? What if the Anti-Chirst is Female. The world is headed in a Female domant direction. Don't laugh. Open your eyes. John wouldn't have recognized a women with short hair, wearing men's clothing. That just wasn't the case in any part of the world at that time. By the way, I'm not against females, but God did set up men as authourities. What do you think of this possiblity. Everyone is looking for a man, when a woman may be setting herself up now, in our age.
Old 08-21-2008, 11:01 PM
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No because the Anti Christ is always refered to as a son of perdition, a he, as himself and a him in 2 Thess 2.
Old 08-23-2008, 04:18 AM
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Originally Posted by spiritualcrusader View Post
wearing men's clothing.
There was a Pastor one day who gave a rip up preachng on why women shouldn't were pants. his main thrust was because they were wearing mens clothing and the Bible says they shouldn't.

someone after the preaching came up and said Pastor I was convicted by your teaching and placed in his hands are large amount blue jeans and pants. We want you to have these they said as they laid down the pile of pants.

As the Pastor looked thorough the pile of pants, he shouted in disappointment, " I can't wear these, these are womens pant!".
Old 08-26-2008, 10:10 PM
peopleoftheway peopleoftheway is offline
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That made me giggle, thanks

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