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Old 08-11-2008, 09:15 AM
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Default Obama the anti-christ?

I'm sure all of you know that Obama is the Junior Senator
from Illinois, but I found something interesting.

Go to google and type in 60606 and tell me what city it brings up.

Exactly what race is Obama?

Zodiac Sign: LEO

His slogan: Change we can believe in.

I'm sure there are some more coincidences, but I just wanted to know what you guys think about this.
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Old 08-11-2008, 02:49 PM
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I'm just wondering how many times will a politcal leader, actor, actress or somebody else famous rise up and we try to make them out as the antichrist. I'm not a political person by any means. I'm not voting this election. I believe and know that God will put in office who He wants in office. So if I vote for somebody and God doesn't want him in office that guy won't be put in office. God will put the person He wants there no matter how many comercials or politicians tell us each vote counts.
As for the antichrist, you can build a long list of antichrist candidates including Hitler, Nero, Nixon, Bush, Madona, Obama, Putin, David Koresh, Jim Jones, etc. We soon forget that in 1 John 2:18 tells us that there are already many anticrhrist. Vs 22 tells us that those that deny the Father and Son is antichrist. So no matter if it's Obama that denies the Father and Son or your co-worker, or the guy on the street it's all the spirit of antichrist. We keep trying to match this person and that person to our image of a an antichrist while the spirit of antichrist spoken of in 1 John 4:3 has crept in the backdoor. And we can see that spirit today by people deniying the Father and Son. I heard a big time preacher beat around the bush and say there is more than one way to the father while speaking to a muslim (link below). As for Obama's zodiac sign that shouldn't even be an issue for christian because astrology is not of God. It's just down right witchcraft. And as for his race, who cares? As christian we shouldn't have respect of persons. We can't get past America's bad mark when it comes to race if we constantly bring it up.

Let's stop trying to make everybody and there mama (sorry that's a southern phrase) the antichrist and focus on the ones that here now and fields that are white with the harvest.

This is just my opinion and I not trying to offend anybody. Sorry for the spelling.

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Old 08-11-2008, 10:40 PM
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the Nation(race) does matter. for a hamite is never to rule over the other two Nations Jephite or Shemite. this is an order God has placed on them when he curse Caanan the son of Ham, for Hams sexual violation of his father Noah.

when we allow a woman or a Hamite to rule over our Nation (supposedly a Christian nation) we are asking for big trouble. we had a double whammy this time with both running.

I heard someone say Hillary will be his vice pres. doubtful but if she does, I would predict (not a thus sayeth the Lord mind you) Obama's assasination and her becoming the president.

as for the rest of what you shared I agree whole heartedly. don't waste time trying to finger the anti-christ in this Age. they are told only in the Tribulation to number the name. that wont work here in this age as John said many antichrists have gone into the world already.
Old 08-12-2008, 12:57 PM
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Yes I agree that it does matter who runs the country what I'm saying is that I'm not voting. I hear a lot of people say well I'll vote for the lesser of two evils and they don't realize that it's still a vote for evil. No I don't think Hilary should have won either. I was just giving my view and opinion in what I'll be doing during the election. I guess I could always pencil in somebody's name LOL.
Old 08-12-2008, 08:27 PM
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In short, Obama's too stupid. Remember, more than anything, the anti-christ has to unite almost all the world and be loved-for a time, mind you.
He is hated by too many people.

Yes, an antichrist, one of many, as he is against Christ, but he's just too stupid.
Old 08-12-2008, 08:45 PM
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Harsh considering the fact he did graduate from Harvard. Look I'm just a simple man who's a Marine. I didn't go to college so I guess that would make me stupid in a lot of people's books. I'm willing to die for people and their right to freely call other people stupid. Once again I'm not an Obama or McCain supporter by a long shot but one of these men is going to be the next president. What happen to Love? Wasn't that the base of Jesus' message? Also what happen to praying for our leaders like the Word calls us to do? Love has just left the building with so many Christians. Christian often get this attitude that the of being better than just because their saved and somebody else is not. Are we suspose to hate these men or their sin? I'm not the judge of Obama's or McCain's salvation. I can look at their works though. My point is instead of calling these men Stupid, let's love them by praying for them. The Holy Spirit can turn even the hardest of hearts around. And we wonder why others look down on Christians and call us hypocrites (spelling) when we walk around calling others stupid. Even the unsaved know that we're susposed to have love in are hearts bad when they see things like this from Christians it just drives them further away from God. So my friend let's love these guys by praying for them and not calling them stupid. And I'm pretty sure most of us would be humbled if we compared our education and knowledge against theirs. No matter saved or unsaved one of these men will have one of the toughest jobs on this planet and you don't won't your country going down hill because YOU don't think one of these guys can handle it then PRAY about it. GOD is able.
Old 08-13-2008, 02:05 AM
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Default What Bible Study is this?

This Topic should at best be placed over in the section called Chit-chat. It is not a Bible Study item.

The offspring of a caucasian atheist female and a negro moslem male--- a child whose middle name just happens to be "Hussein"... the guy is pals with moslems in foreign countries, and dresses up like a moslem and many moslem leaders/mullahs say that he IS a moslem...{World Net Daily did a story on this complete with photo}...the same guy gets elected in Illinois and starts attending a rather anti-white/anti-american government "Church" which for years has as the Pastor a man who is rabidly political from the pulpit...which after B.Hussein O. decides to run for the White House,,,said "Pastor" and his messages are NOT wanted anymore... Go figure.

I smells me a rat ... and I'm willin' to bet you a cup o' coffee and a danish that B.Hussein O. prays to Mecca whenever nobody is watchin' . As my mom used to say: "That guy is a 4 flusher!" and/or "I wouldn't trust him with a dollar bill."

To: Twoinz:---Hello Marine. We gave you some advice a while ago about Re-uping,,,what did you do? On this point, I have to say a couple of things to you. Paladin said B.H.O. was stupid. He did not say Sen. McCain was. Next-If obamarama can get a degree from Harvard, then it just goes-to-show that the School named for a Preacher {John Harvard} and whose motto is Veritas {truth} has sunk to very low rankings. B.Hussein O. is a chamelian of the first degree. You as a Marine should be scarred-silly if that guy with the forked-tongue gets elected, as he (just as Slick-Willy the impeached) will gut the military (just as Jimmy peanut Carter and Slick-Willy the Impeached did) and you will be left with no ammo for your weapons/no fuel for your trucks/no spare parts for your aircraft*. Why..? Because he and the extreme left-wing peaceniks hate America ...and they REALLY hate/despise the idea that we are fighting a Global War on Terrorism. Why..? Because they are moslem friendly and despise Christianity. Love The Lord/your Wife/your kids/your pick-up truck/your huntin' dog/your shotgun but,,,don't love chamelian politicians---who probably pray facing Mecca. If you wish to pray that B.H.O. gets saved and becomes a real Bible believing Christian, then go ahead. Carry On,out.

*BTW---I've been in Uniform when Reps. and Dems. have been in the White House and the result has been bad for the troops and families and equipment that protect our freedoms and way of life when a leftist/liberal Dem. gets in.
-------- ----- ------ ------- ------- --------- -------- ------

As to the Thread Topic...Well, probably not. Bible Believing Christians have for centuries held and taught that the Antichrist is The Papacy. Virtually every Confession of Faith/Written standard of protestant belief say that the Pope/Papacy is "the man of sin".

Here is the link to the 2nd London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689. Take a look.
Old 08-13-2008, 09:42 AM
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I agree that the thread needs moved to current events rather than Bible study. I don't really have anything to add regarding American politics, considering I live in Northern Ireland and have enough of an issue with politics in my own country. In regards to the anti-christ, John said

1st John 2:18
Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

Now it was said in present tense so wayyyyyyy back then there were many antichrist's and there have been all through the centuries until this present time

In My Redeemers name, The LORD Jesus Christ.

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Old 08-13-2008, 01:25 PM
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Maybe a lot of this politcal stuff doesn't bother me as much as some because I'm young (22). The first thing is that we shouldn't be so dependent on the government to supply our needs wether they are benefits, fuel, ammunition, or anything. God supplies all of our needs. And He'll use whatever means He wants to use; if it is our government, a foriegn government, the red cross, the next door neighbor, or whomever. We can't things will get better just because one party get's the presidency. Neither one of these men are squeaky clean.

Paladin said B.H.O. was stupid. He did not say Sen. McCain was. Next-If obamarama can get a degree from Harvard, then it just goes-to-show that the School named for a Preacher {John Harvard} and whose motto is Veritas {truth} has sunk to very low rankings
But who are we to call somebody stupid? Are we really going to blame Harvard? These men's education probably surpasses most of ours. We should show love and pray for these guys. As christians in this country we should start preparing ourselves. When we read of trials and tribulations in the Bible we think these won't apply to us. It's going to come a day when even the Christians in America are persucuted. This government or its leaders isn't perferct because it's made by man. We have it so good here that we don't think persucution will come our way. We think Jesus is going to just swoop us up when things start getting bad in America. But it's already bad around the world. N Korean, African, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani, Chinnese, Christians are persucuted to the point of death everyday. And it might creep over here one day. So even if Obama gets elected why should we as Christian who already have the victory in Jesus Christ fear? Even If the country goes down because of one of these men why should we fear? If we start getting persucuted because this country has gone downhill why should we fear? The point is we should pray for both of these men, put our trust in God and prepare ourselves for the future. Doesn't the Bible tell us it's coming? Yes it does sow it shouldn't be a shock to us when it comes.
Old 08-13-2008, 07:37 PM
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That Obama can leave a trail of lies that his tracks can't be covered indicates a lack of intelligence. That so many of the American people buy it..Well, who's stupid? Obama's father is the devil(John 8:44). He has heard the gospel and rejected it, and is a sponsor of corporate genocide. Obama is likened to a brute beast and a sow wallowing in the mire in 2 Peter 2(read it), but the dumb ass is smarter than he. Obama is just operating under the influence of stupidity. I pray for him as an authority of my state. I'll pray for him if he becomes president.

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