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Old 02-23-2009, 03:48 PM
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Thank you Steven, I think you worded my question better than I.

I have a problem with Christians who do not believe the Bible to be infallible. How do you put your trust in a book you feel is full of errors? Which words are God's, and which are man's? What is these person's conception of God? Does God put you in the world with no real way to find Him, and then threaten you with hell if you fail?

When I was first saved as a young teen, I read different versions and they caused me confusion. I took it very seriously and wanted to know the truth come what may. I knew that the true Word of God must be out there, it did not make sense for a loving God to put us in a maze, where hopefully we find the truth.

But isn't that what these anti-KJB believers believe?

And I too am struck by the outright hatred against those who believe the KJB. I used to belong to another forum that I thought was Bible believers, but the anti-KJBs drove me away. There were a few KJBOs there, and they were constantly being attacked by these folks. I don't understand this, as the KJB believers did not attack them at all.

And God's warning in Revelations against adding or taking away from His Word tells me these folks are not found in favor by God. So how can they be saved?

Now, I don't judge who is saved, but still, how can those that hate God's Word be saved?

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