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Thanks for the warm welcome. I had been coming to this site for sometime, it was this post especially that motivated me to join the forum.

I am familiar with Kent Hovind and have watched many videos of him on YouTube. I think it is fantastic that he goes (or did anyway) to universities and debates evolutionists. Polls and studies have shown that people who attend college are far more prone to be atheists and doubt the Bible. So I am glad to see someone countering the psuedo-science taught in the universities. I have a little college myself but no degree.

I am also familiar with Henry Morris and many of the creation sites online.

As I wrote, the most difficult problem I had was understanding how starlight from far distant stars and galaxies could be here if the Earth were only about 6000 years old. Now, I believe the Lord can do anything, he could easily have made the light to appear instantly. But it troubled me that the stars appear so far away. I considered the Gap theory, but I still believe the Bible says that God created everything in six literal 24 hour days. And I still believe that.

I became interested in the theories of Austrailian christian Barry Setterfield. He compiled and presented evidence that the speed of light was not a constant, and that it has been slowing down. This makes sense to me, as death passed upon all creation including light. Many physicists are beginning to agree with Barry's theories. Funny, they will refer to his studies in their articles, but fail to mention his name.

Barry Setterfield says there are four states of matter-- gas, solid, liquid, and PLASMA. Read this interesting article.

I like Barry's theories, although some of it is WAY over my head.

I am not so interested in science per se, but I believe many people trust in modern science, and that science turns many people away from believeing the Bible. So I think it is important for christians to study the subject that we can give an answer as Kent Hovind did.
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