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Old 10-29-2008, 09:52 PM
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Default Another warning about Jesus Is Lord dot com

I know not everyone on here will agree with me - but I know that some people have linked Jesus Is Lord from their personal websites or blogs and I wanted to expose what she teaches

Tracy says "I believe dispensationalism is as much from the devil as the Roman Catholic Church"


"The Schofield Reference Bible which represents the thinking of the Plymouth Brethren and which is a primary source for the distribution of last day delusion could well be renamed "The Abomination That Maketh Desolate".

Tracy says "A man can walk away from Jesus and be lost forever" (her response to this man is particularly proud and arrogant)

Tracy says "The Pre-trib rapture is a lie" [front page articles]

Seriously, the only thing that site has good on it is some stuff about the King James Bible, but she also has a go at Peter Ruckman for rightly dividing.

"A few members of Ruckman's cult have told me that I'm not a Bible believer because I reject Ruckman's nonsense"

Tracy says "Dispensationalists will tell you that Hebrews is "for the Jews". I reject that. I read ALL the word. I consider ALL the word."

Tracy teaches Lordship Salvation

Just a warning about that site, since a lot of people I know have read it, or used to read it. I used to read it.

furthermore, I am pretty sure she teaches that one can obtain a state of sinless perfection in this life. A link from JIS to OldLandmarks says something like "Our new site for those moving on to perfection".
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Vendetta Ride
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I'm with you, brother. It's an unreliable, and often mean-spirited, place. They sometimes have good material, but it should be approached with caution.

Thanks for the reminder!
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Brother Luke,

She says:

"The word teaches....The Bible saith"

My comment:The word also teaches, The Bible also saith:

There are 248 Positive Mitzvot/Commandments of the 613 Mitzvot-these are "The Do's"=" good works". Here are 95 of them. How is she you doing on these?

Relationship to God
P 1 Exodus 20:2 - To believe in God
P 2 Deuteronomy 6:4 -To acknowledge the Unity of God P 3 Deuteronomy 6:5 - To love God P 4 Deuteronomy 6:13 - To fear God P 5 Exodus23:25; Deuteronomy11:13; 13:5 - To serve God P 6 Deuteronomy10:20 - To cleave to God P 7 Deuteronomy10:20 - On taking an oath by God's Name P 8 Deuteronomy 28:9 - On walking in God's ways P 9 Leviticus22:32 - On Sanctifying God's Name TORAH P 10 Deuteronomy 6:7 - On reciting the Sh'ma each morning and evening P 11 Deuteronomy 6:7 - On studying and teaching Torah P 12 Deuteronomy 6:8 - On binding Tefillin on the head P 13 Deuteronomy 6:8 - On binding Tefillin on the hand P 14 Numbers15:38 - On making Tzitzit with thread of blue, garments corners P 15 Deuteronomy 6:9 - On affixing a Mezuzah to doorposts and gates P 16 Deuteronomy31:12 - On Assembling each 7th year to hear the Torah read P 17 Deuteronomy17:18 - On that a king must write a copy of Torah for himself P 18 Deuteronomy31:19 - On that everyone should have a Torah scroll P 19 Deuteronomy 8:10 - On praising God after eating, Grace after meals TEMPLE AND THE PRIESTS P 20 Exodus 25:8 - On building a Sanctuary/(Tabernacle/Temple) for God P 21 Leviticus19:30 - On respecting the Sanctuary P 22 Numbers 18:4 - On guarding the Sanctuary P 23 Numbers18:23 - On Levitical services in the Tabernacle P 24 Exodus30:19 - On Cohanim washing hands & feet before entering Temple P 25 Exodus27:21 - On kindling the Menorah by the Cohanim P 26 Numbers 6:23 - On the Cohanim blessing Israel P 27 Exodus25:30 - On the Showbread before the Ark P 28 Exodus 30:7 - On Burning the Incense on the Golden Altar twice daily P 29 Leviticus 6:6 - On the perpetual fire on the Altar P 30 Leviticus 6:3 - On removing the ashes from the Altar P 31 Numbers 5:2 - On removing unclean persons from the camp P 32 Leviticus 21:8 - On honoring the Cohanim P 33 Exodus 28:2 - On the garments of the Cohanim P 34 Numbers 7:9 - On Cohanim bearing the Ark on their shoulders P 35 Exodus30:31 - On the holy anointing oil P 36 Deuteronomy18:6-8 - On the Cohanim ministering in rotation/watches P 37 Leviticus21:2-3 - On the Cohanim being defiled for dead relatives P 38 Leviticus21:13 - On that Cohen haGadol may only marry a virgin SACRIFICES P 39 Numbers28:3 - On the twice Daily Burnt, tamid, offerings P 40 Leviticus6:13 - On Cohen haGadol's twice daily meal offering P 41 Numbers28:9 - On the Shabbat additional, musaf, offering P 42 Numbers28:11 - On the New Moon, Rosh Chodesh, additional offering P 43 Leviticus23:36 - On the Pesach additional offering P 44 Leviticus23:10 - On the second day of Pesach meal offering of the Omer P 45 Numbers28:26 - On the Shavuot additional, musaf, offering P 46 Leviticus23:17 - On the Two Loaves of bread Wave offering on Shavuot P 47 Numbers29:1-2 - On the Rosh HaShannah additional offering P 48 Numbers29:7-8 - On the Yom Kippur additional offering P 49 Leviticus16 - On the service of Yom Kippur, Avodah P 50 Numbers29:13 - On the Sukkot, musaf, offerings P 51 Numbers29:36 - On the Shemini Atzeret additional offering P 52 Exodus23:14 - On the three annual Festival pilgrimages to the Temple P 53 Exodus34:23; - On appearing before YHVH during the Festivals
P 54 Deuteronomy16:14 - On rejoicing on the Festivals P 55 Exodus12:6 - On the 14th of Nisan slaughtering the Pesach lamb P 56 Exodus12:8 - On eating the roasted Pesach lamb night of Nisan 15 P 57 Numbers9:11 - On slaughtering the Pesach Sheini, Iyyar 14, offering P 58 Numbers9:11; - On eating the Pesach Sheini lamb with Matzah and Maror P 59 Numbers10:9-10 - Trumpets for Feast sacrifices brought & for tribulation P 60 Leviticus22:27 - On minimum age of cattle to be offered P 61 Leviticus22:21 On offering only unblemished sacrifices P 62 Leviticus2:13 On bringing salt with every offering P 63 Leviticus1:2 On the Burnt-Offering P 64 Leviticus6:18 On the Sin-Offering P 65 Leviticus7:1 On the Guilt-Offering P 66 Leviticus3:1 On the Peace-Offering P 67 Leviticus2:1; On the Meal-Offering P 68 Leviticus4:13 On offerings for a Court (Sanhedrin) that has erred P 69 Leviticus4:27 Fixed Sin-Offering, by one unknowingly breaking a karet P 70 Leviticus5:17 Suspensive Guilt-Offering if doubt of breaking a karet P 71 Leviticus5:15; Unconditional Guilt-Offering, for stealing, etc.
P 72 Leviticus5:1-11 Offering higher or lower value, according to ones means P 73 Numbers5:6-7 To confess one's sins before God and repent from them P 74 Leviticus15:13 On offering brought by a zav (man with a discharge) P 75 Leviticus15:28 Offering brought by a zavah (woman with a discharge) P 76 Leviticus12:6 On offering brought by a woman after childbirth P 77 Leviticus14:10 On offering brought by a leper after being cleansed P 78 Leviticus27:32 On the Tithe of one's cattle P 79 Exodus13:2 Sacrificing the First-born of clean (permitted) cattle P 80 Exodus22:28; On Redeeming the First-born of man, Pidyon ha-ben P 81 Exodus34:20 On Redeeming the firstling of an ass, if not...
P 82 Exodus13:13 ...breaking the neck of the firstling of an ass P 83 Deuteronomy12:5-6 On bringing due offerings to Jerusalem without delay P 84 Deuteronomy12:14 All offerings must be brought only to the Sanctuary P 85 Deuteronomy12:36 On offerings due from outside Israel to the Sanctuary P 86 Deuteronomy12:15 On Redeeming blemished sanctified animal offerings P 87 Leviticus27:33 On the holiness of substituted animal offerings P 88 Leviticus6:9 On Cohanim eating the remainder of the Meal Offerings P 89 Exodus29:33 On Cohanim eating the meat of Sin and Guilt Offerings P 90 Leviticus7:19 Burn Consecrated Offerings that've become tameh/unclean P 91 Leviticus7:17 Burn remnant of Consecrated Offerings not eaten in time VOWS P 92 Numbers6:5 The Nazir letting his hair grow during his separation P 93 Numbers6:18 Nazir completing vow shaves his head & brings sacrifice P 94 Deuteronomy23:24 On that a man must honor his oral vows and oaths P 95 Numbers30:3 On that a judge can annul vows, only according to Torah

"I read ALL the word. I consider ALL the word. They'll say the same thing about Matthew. Why do they do that? Because these books contain scriptures that dismantle the mumbo-jumbo gumbo that they learned from Larkin and the crew. ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable FOR DOCTRINE for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. Why? That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works (ref II Tim 3:16-17). Without further adieu, scriptures proving that a man can depart from the faith... "

My comment: She reads and considers "ALL the word"(as do dispensationalists), but does she obey "ALL the word"?(rhetorical question) How is she doing on "considering" these, since they are all "about Matthew"?

-is she showing herself to a priest: Matthew 8:4?
-Does she " the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might...."(Deut 6:5, Mt. 22:37, Mark 12:30)?
Or better yet, do she love me as herself(Mt. 22:39, Mark 12:31)?
-Has she ever called someone a fool(Mt. 5:22)?
-Have she brought any gifts to the altar recently(Mt. 5:24)?

hypocrite:"to speak out from behind a false face"(actors were called this)

"The church is severely compromised this day. False doctrinal schemes take scriptures out of context (to the exclusion of all others) to make people think that they can be children of disobedience and still be assured of heaven."

My comment: And just how much "disobedience"? 89%? 67%? 99.8%? She probably wouldn't want to meet one of them "carnal"(1 Cor. 3:1-4, 9:11) Corinthians. She is probably a Galatian.

"You become a new creature--not the same old one living lukewarm and careless under the power of the devil. If you taste of the heavenly gift and go back to the world, it is better that you had not known the way of life in the first place (II Pet 2:21).

My comment: "living lukewarm"? How hot or cold?

And on and on and...

Yes, Lordship Salvation, where "believe" means "make 'Jesus' the Lord of your life...give your life to 'Jesus'...commit your life to Jesus....invite 'Jesus' into your heart(despite Jer. 17:9)....hire 'Jesus' as your boss......"

Lewis Caroll's "Alice in Wonderland".
"When I use a word," Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone, "it means what I choose it to mean-neither more nor less".

"The question is", said Alice, "whether you can make words mean so many different things."

"The question is," said Humpty Dumpty, "which is to be the MASTER...that's all....When I make a word do a lot of work...I always pay it extra."

The Queen, to Alice: "The word means what I say it means."

In and with Christ,

In the Lord,

John M. Whalen
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I wish it weren't so. I know sister Tracy believes some rediculous things (and some I've even said were heresy), but I cannot deny that the material on her site has changed me in a more positive way than anything outside of the King of Books, the King James Bible, which I would likely not be reading if it wasn't for her site. I really mean what I just said. I was a wicked and backsliden fool, who found his way again through her site. I cannot stress how indebted I feel for what her site did for me. I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I LOVE sister Tracy, and so wish I could get her to repent of her false beliefs (which I bet would change if she were under a pastor that understood dispensationalist hermeneutics). Sister Tracy is a black woman, and as such is full of piss and vinegar (is that ok to say here? lol). She's very opinionated, and I think a lot of the men at her church nurtured her false belief that it was ok for her to teach and be over men (in her letters I've sensed that she is the man of the house, if you catch my drift). I just don't think she was ever rebuked by a very knowledgable student of the Bible who knows what she believes. This is unfortunate, since I think people have tried to do so through her old mailing list, but to no avail (her site has made her have to take the defensive position more often than not, and I think it's hard for a person to get out of that mindset). I thank JESUS for this site and the men that told me I was in error! I need good and Godly council, and I'm thankful to have faithful and mature men in the Lord I can go to for a firm rebuking when I'm in need of one, lol.

I guess I don't know what to think about her site. I think VR's advice is right on. Her site has good stuff on it (just like Paul Washer has said some good things), but one must be very careful what we share from her site.

Peace and Love,

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I did not know that site was still around! I know most of it went to Jesus is Saviour (is that a good site, they are not "fond"of Scofield either). But, there are some interesting articles I have read.
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JIS is pretty much the opposite of JIL. JIS is free grace. David Stewart is a classic dispensationalist. He is also a man. JIS is eternal security
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Originally Posted by Luke View Post
JIS is pretty much the opposite of JIL. JIS is free grace. David Stewart is a classic dispensationalist. He is also a man. JIS is eternal security
OK, I just wondered, most of the stuff from the Sis. Tracy site, primary articles at least are on JIS, perhaps some that would be in conflict with have been removed I did not look that closely.

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