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Default Good Advice for Understanding your KJB English

One of the best things that helped in my Study of my Bible was an Unabridged Websters dictionary.

Some of the Words used in 1611 are used differently today. Eschew in Job 1 is a good example. when you see the the original English meaning it meant to shun, to hate, to abore, have no association with, no hint and more. all those meanings are found in this one word Eschew.

when the NIV, NKJV, TEV and the other versions translate they pick a single fine point meaning thereby they limit your Bible Study to hate or shun, but Eschew means so much more. A good Webster's Dictionary is the key to better understanding of you KJV Bible.

Many words in our KJB are like that they have plethera of meanings which you can only find in a whole dictionary. most of todays webster dictionaries do no carry what the editors call "archaic" words and meanings.

So look for a good unabridged Webster's dictionary. I found one at a book sale for $5 it has over 260,000 complete words and meanings. A new one will run around $59.

Have fun dicovering the English of our forefathers and the treasures that await you in your KJB.

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