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Default King James COnference in Tennessee

Glad to be aboard. Anyone have any thoughts on the recent 'King James Conference' held in Tennessee with Shelton Smith, Don Jasmin, Norris Belcher, D.A. Waite, etc?
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I have not heard of a King James Bible conference. What does that consist of? What do they get together to try to accomplish?
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I'm sure it is about defending the King James Bible, teaching about the preservation of God's Word, how the KJV is without error, what is wrong with the mvs - probably including the history of both streams of manuscripts. It sounds like it would be tremendously profitable, especially if someone is still trying to find out answers on this issue and choose which side to stand on. Both Smith and Waite have some excellent info on this subject. I am not that familiar with the other two speakers (though I have possibly read some material by Jasmin).
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I wish I had heard of this conference, it would have been a blessing to attend. If anyone is interested, there is a radio show on WHK 1220 am in Cleveland, Ohio on Thursday nights at 8:00 P.M. (EST) by a Pastor Bruce Musselman who does a nice job of providing a defense of the KJV. Most of the broadcasts are about bible versions, however, he does occasionaley drift off topic and cover other things.
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I am not that familiar with the other two speakers (though I have possibly read some material by Jasmin).

Pastor D.A. Waite runs "The Bible For Today" and is chairman of "The Dean Burgon Society". Pastor Waite has several degrees: B.A. in classical Greek and Latin from the University of Michigan in 1948, a Th.M. in New Testament Greek Literature and Exegesis from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1952, an M.A. in Speech from Southern Methodist University in 1953, a Th.D. in Bible Exposition from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1955, and a Ph.D. in Speech from Purdue University in 1961.

Dean John William Burgon was the defender of the TR over the (then) new Wescott & Hort modern greek text. He was W&H's arch-rival. He was the real deal: A real scholar and text critic who defended the KJV and the Traditional Greek Text (that's the name of one of his books). He also took the RV team to task over their translation of their faulty greek text. This was the Revised Version. He wrote a tremendous refutation of the RV in his "Revision Revised". While no one (really) uses the RV today, many many many of the childish (he called them "boyish") translations offered in today's NASB are identical to the ones Burgon masterfully critiqued in the RV.

D.A. Waite has kept this and all of Burgon's other books marvelously preserved in splendid hardback volumes. D.A. Waite and "Bible for Today" has kept many many old titles defending the A.V. in print. If it weren't for D.A.Waite, a library of KJV defense materal would have left the planet.

Look here for starters:
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I use The Defined King James Bible, which was put out by Waite. It has many hard words defined right on the bottom of each page, so it is pretty easy to read many Bible passages without having to find a dictionary or my Strong's Concordance.

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