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The case for geocentricity is pretty un-convincing to me. Obviously, if the case could be made from Scripture that would be strong enough, but geocentrists focus on only two verses (AFAIK).

If motion is relative (have you ever told a child to "sit still" in a moving car? Is that possible? Yes, motion is relative.) there is no problem with picking the earth as the reference point for motion in the universe in writing. It is not "wrong" to say the sun rises and sets. Even modern science says it -- ever looked at your weather report? What's the problem? There isn't any! Yes, the earth orbits the sun. Yes, the sun rises and sets -- relative to an observer on earth. There is no problem here!

The Bible was written by God for man. There is no problem understanding that any motion it references in the universe is relative to the observer, which is either God or man.