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I didn't misunderstand, I tried to answer you. I spoke of comets which contain water. Now I am not the first person to realize that both comets and the Earth contain water. But modern science will always try to explain away God. Just 2 weeks ago or so, I watched a program on the History Channel where scientists are trying to say that our oceans came from comet strikes on the earth. Now, in all the history of man, we do not have a record of a comet striking earth. And to fill our vast oceans? It is laughable, it would take many billions of comet strikes to account for all the water in our oceans, probably much more than that. The more likely and probable answer is that the comets came from Earth. And how could that happen? Well, perhaps a celestial body as an asteroid striking Earth could knock some water out in space. Hey, wait a minute, what about the fountains of the deep breaking up in the Book of Genesis? Now, there is a real possibility. If super pressurized water were to spew out of the Earth, that could easily account for all the comets. And it may also account for the asteroids, they don't know where they came from either. There are millions of chunks of rock up there, and they have no clue where they came from. Well, if gigantic geysers of water were spewing out of the Earth, don't you think much rock would be carried along? We see that with volcanoes all the time. But our volcanoes are nothing compared to Noah's flood, the Bible says "all" the fountains of the deep were broken up. This was a world-wide catastrophe as has never happened before or since.

I think it not only possible, but actually very probable that water and rock were spewed out of our atmosphere into space accounting for both comets and asteroids. And as I wrote, I think it is very possible all the craters on the Moon and other planets and moons in our Universe may have come from this catastrophe.

So, I am no scientist, nobody is going to pay attention to a person like me, but that doesn't mean I am wrong.

You simply cling to your theory, no matter how much scripture (or common sense for that matter) is presented against it.

In Exodus 20:11 God says he made the heaven (same exact word as used in Gen 1:1) , the earth, the sea, and ALL THAT IN THEM IS in six days. If there was a gap between Gen 1:1 and 1:2 this verse would be false. This verse also must include Satan and all the angels.

It is you that refuses to listen to God's Word that is the problem, you would rather listen to a man. I don't care what "ole whats-his-name" said, I believe the Bible. You should too.

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