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Bro. Paul,

As suggested by Jennifer I have gone back and looked at the thread I started and the threads I have posted in...And I'm sure from her point of view that I am full of hate and malice. It matters not that I mostly involved myself in topics that were current. It also matters not that she was involved in most every conversation I was, but alas she does have the duty to correct my Gospel of Hate. Nor does it matter that I strived to stay in the context. Nor does it matter that I FULLY admitted that the Christian is NOT commanded to hate anyone, that any judgment to be made in church is to be righteous in their judgments not with malice but mourning.

One of the reasons I was excited in joining was to reason through this idea of God "Hates the sin, not the sinner" as it was a point of contention between several people on my FB that very week.

After looking over my posts I can clearly see a continual disagreement running through most of the threads. It is the idea of authority. The very idea that a man, men, elders have any right to address sin and deal with it for the good of the church really rubs people wrong. But the concept is not as foreign as one would like to suggest...Government, police officers etc make laws, give tickets (judgment) because they hate the law breaker....!? No, but for the good of the community....Hopefully because they care for the well-being of yourself.

Perhaps because I've been blessed to be associated with wonderful churches and leadership I have little understanding of their point of view. I would not want to be a church member in a church where I didn't think the pastor wasn't looking out for my well-being and the well-being of the other Christians. If I was involved in a sin that was going to bring down the wrath of God on me or the body of believers I should hope someone would say something to me! But again, I've no experience in this being handled wrongly....The occasions I have known, the sin was privately addressed and there was no putting away or occasion for "stone throwing" as some would like to say. But rather tears and heartache and joy when the sin was repented of and addressed...(in this particular case it was fornication at the age of 16 with a resulting pregnancy).

I said all that to say...I can see where they are coming from. And we will probably continue to have this disagreement and differing of views as I view a lot of topics and Christian living and service through a leadership's (my husband) and church member's eyes. I would dare say that a missionary, evangelist, street preacher, nursing home minister etc would view a lot of topics with the situations they are acquainted with on a daily basis.

Be blessed Bro. Paul!