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Aloha sister Amanda,

Nothing is "obvious" at all!
Aloha yourself Brother

You are quite correct. I will concede. This Scripture is not obviously talking about cremation or sacrifice. One of those passages that causes one to scratch his head.

You CHANGED Paul's "words" (and then ADDED your own) to match your "private interpretation". {You also SUBTRACTED FROM God’s holy word – i.e. “and have not charity”}
Go ahead. Fry me up now and serve me with chips...I was intending to paraphrase. But yes you are correct I added and subtracted. Forgive me. But I evidently misunderstood you to say that "give my body to be burned" meant cremation. I thought that was your private interpretation.

Upon reflection rather than a sacrifice, a burnt offering as you said I said, a type of martyr is really what I had in mind.

Paul was speaking to the Corinthian church (a predominantly Gentile church) and, if you check your Greek & Roman history - quite often the Gentiles would "cremate" their dead. {"Context" - it's always about "CONTEXT"!}
Perhaps rather than studying Greek and Roman history for their frequency of cremation, I should study how cremation is charitable? I'll let you know what I find.

I do not think the argument for cremation in the Bible is nearly as strong as the argument for burial is. Again let me say I am not saying there is a commandment or that it is "wrong" or a "sin" to cremate for I believe if it were that big of an issue the Bible would be clearer.

BUT having said that, the Bible refers to burial over and over and over again. Even Baptism is a picture of death, burial and resurrection. All through church history cremation was frowned upon. It's not until recent times has that come into question. From time immemorial the heathen are the ones who cremate.

Again, it's not forbidden but perhaps it boils down to the motive for cremation?