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Frankly I don't care what they would do. I am trying to give WingWiper things to consider in his search for "the" answer...if there is one.

I said and I quote "for me" I would not choose cremation.[/QUOTE]

Well said................Thanks.

Thank everyone so far for their posts............good stuff. You guys make some good points............although I read 1 or 2 where maybe my original post is not understood or folk are reading me the wrong way. Let me make sure that I clarify if I misled anyone that I am looking for wisdom and discourse on the subject of cremation. I'm a disabled vet in a wheelchair, when this old body gives yo self, I'm out of here. Worm food or dust...............I don't care.

I am not trying to pull Old Testament or Old Covenant doctrine, scripture to this dispensation........... not looking backwards if you will. I am fully aware of 2 Tim. 2:15 as many of you pointed out and well taken (I'm in the right place!) and know when we read--- we are to be aware as to who is speaking and to whom is being spoken to. I was only offering as someone mentioned some shadows from the Old Testament but never said that it was or is Pauline Epistle. I offered only examples.

Just looking to see if anyone knew direct scripture for yea or nea on the subject. They're not questioning their salvation or eternal security..............., but more on is there a scripture directly on the subject. Yes...............I agree that it does not matter because we already have the victory, shadows we learn by, the law is our schoolmaster, etc.

I would suggest maybe that the normal burial today vs. Jewish burial I referenced to (Old Testament) is just as heathen as cremation due to the fact we duplicate (in part) the Egyptians in regards to embalming, preserving the body into the afterlife. I'm sure there is someone that would disagree with that, but there's a big difference in wrapping a body in linen, putting it in the ground vs the process of burial today. Embalmed and preserved for what............? I'm sure the environmentalists or maybe someone here would argue that point.