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Originally Posted by cb6445 View Post
Went to church the next day, quit takin pills that Sunday, no symptoms or anything, haven't touched one in 3 mos. Cut down every pot plant, even had a still where I was makin whiskey, and got rid of it. I even quit cussin, which was a miracle in itself. I cannot even put in to words what God did for me, he COMPLETELY changed my "want to." My wife has never been happier. That's all she's ever asked for 7 yrs is for me to have a relationship of some kind with God and to settle down. God went above and beyond answering her prayers and mine.
Amen brother, thanks for the testimony. It sounds to me like you are a new creature in Christ, praise the Lord. I can relate personally to some of the changes that have taken place in you.

So, how long ago was it that you got saved, and exactly how did God call you into the ministry of 'evangelism'? Understanding of course that every Christian has a ministry of reconciling others to Jesus Christ, but being an actual evangelist is something entirely different.