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Default Chette777

Thanks Chette Ė I am fully aware of your points on both sites. I donít stand with everything that everyone says on every site that I post as a link, but I post them to express a given point that I havenít seen elsewhere.

As much as I love and am grounded in the KJB it isnít always possible to find a site that speaks out against the evils of things like feminism. Iím sure that they are out there but the two I posted were given to add to Jassyís point in a previous post.

Feminism is a deadly evil that has infiltrated the church and is now behind the productions of many bible versions with the aim of seducing Ďwould beí godly women into further its demon driven causes.

I donít see anything that is too extreme on the pages that I have posted, as they both show how militantly opposed to the image of God this anti-Christian spirit is.

God bless