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We believe that the WORDS ARE INSPIRED and that GOD HAS PRESERVED HIS WORDS - just exactly as He promised in Psalm 12:6-7.

This issue is about "FINAL AUTHORITY"! It is now, and has always been about "FINAL AUTHORITY"!

Amen! Brother George. I believe this.

Over in Jeremiah 1: v. 12..Than said the Lord unto me.Thou hast well seen:for I will hasten my word to perform it.) I did a study on the word,: 'perform'...I found it ment.."I will watch over MY WORD and I AM able to perform it (bring forth,have the charge of,execute,finish,fulfil,bring to pass,) these are a few...

I was young in the LORD when I did the study, it has stayed with me all these years...since than I've found other scriptures reaffirming HIS promise
that HE has and will keep and preserve HIS words...forever.