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Originally Posted by George View Post
Aloha brother,

Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man - the kind that I could easily fellowship with for years. You are very blessed to have had such a Christian man in your life. And he is blessed to have a grandson that both loves him and respects him.

This kind of loving "family" relation is all too rare in America today. Cherish your grandfather - there aren't too many of us left!
Yes George he is a wonderful man, and im sure you could have fellowship with him for years, in fact you will have fellowship with him for all eternity
I am humbled by what God has shown me in regards to his word in a short space of time, im humbled also at what he has shown Elders like yourself and my Grandfather over many years of study, who rightly divide and keep the Church true for the next generation.
I had to add in this little bit of information for you George as I'm sure you and Renee have the same loving relationship as My Grandparents do, My Grandfather is a WW2 Veteran, He fought with the 8th armoured (desert rats), while he was At War he asked my Gran's sister if he could write to My Gran, she agreed and through their letters he asked her to marry him when he returned from war, She told him that if they were to marry that he would have to change his ways (He was Drunk and a fighter during the war). He did change his ways and they did get married but they were still unsaved. When he was 33 the LORD put him on his back in hospital near Death and saved him and on the very same day in the same hour, unknown to each other my Gran was saved also and they have been together now for 63 years

God Bless

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