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Default Some Thoughts.

Hello Diligent. Yes - it is your website/forum page. You can do what you wish.

It is also on the world wide web, and so anyone with a monitor can see it. If they have a keyboard and a phone line... Look-out! Therefore it stands to reason that there will be kookburgers and gooney-birds who show up. { plus the "wolves-in-sheeps-clothing" mentioned by The Lord Jesus. }

I'm reminded of a great quote by Martin Luther on this topic: ... " I'm not responsible for the birds that circle my head,,, only for the ones that make a nest in my hair."

You didn't ask for suggestions, but I think there are several things which could be done before you "ban" someone or shut down the Forums.

A.) Months ago I mentioned the idea of putting people on "Warning" for 10 days,20,30, etc.. Put the word "On Warning" next to their name/avatar and the reason. Next step is a "Suspension" for 10,20, 30 days... unless the person deletes his/her heretical/idiotic posts and repents. { This system is used at a large site (Military themed) which I have been on since '04... It is a commercial site with ads, so they try to keep the "trash" off the Parade grounds---not easy with so many unregenarate people on the www.}

B.) If a person wakes up in the morning and clicks on the computer and finds out that they are "Banned" ... but the topic they started keeps getting replies (for several posts/pages and the person is unable to respond because they have been "Banned"... well that kinda seems like a cop using his baton (night stick) on someone after they are already handcuffed and shackled....IMO.

C.) If someone's posts don't square with Micah 6:8 then yes, "Ban" them!