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Since my posts are being delayed, some of them are tending to get lost in the conversation...I am mentioning this because I want to make sure that you saw that I have a response/question for you in my post #100.

And since some believe I have "misspoken," my husband says I need to clarify my post #95...

The impetus for my post about contradictions was a couple of statements made by PaulB:
"the words of Jesus are the final rule on all things" AND
"every word of our Lord Jesus Christ is the final revelation of God to us."

These phrases were a 'red flag' to me indicating that PaulB and I were not 'on the same page' when it comes to rightly dividing! Sometimes it is necessary to know where someone is coming from dispensationally if one is going to discuss a Bible issue with them...anybody's response to my proposed contradictions would let me know something about their thoughts on rightly dividing!

Surely we are all going to agree that ultimately the author of ALL the passages I cited is GOD himself. (II Tim. 3:16) And the God who gave us this completed revelation in the Authorized Version is the God who gave US - present-day church-age Christians right now - the illustrious privilege of being able to read these passages together, back-to-back, within a minute of each other if we so desire. The point is (and what I was trying to get across to PaulB) that WITHOUT APPLYING DISPENSATIONAL PRINCIPLES (I.E. 'RIGHTLY DIVIDING,') the plain words of Matthew 19:16-17 do not agree with Gal. 3:21, Titus 3:5, or Eph. 2:8-9. The 'plan of salvation,' the way to get saved, what to do to obtain eternal life - IS NOT THE SAME in these passages! Things that are DIFFERENT are not the SAME...they contradict!
(Just like James 2:24 contradicts Romans 3:28 UNLESS YOU RIGHTLY DIVIDE!) Since these 'plans of salvation' are DIFFERENT, we must choose by rightly dividing...if one (TODAY) chooses to try to obtain eternal life by keeping the commandments, as Jesus said in Matthew 19, HE WILL DIE AND GO TO HELL! So, I was trying to establish the importance of rightly dividing!
(Same thing on the divorce/remarriage issue; if the verses don't say the same thing, we are going to have to choose which one is FOR US!)