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Bro. Paul,

I certainly can see why you would feel that way!

Everyone has baggage and experiences that cause them to form their ideas and make them wary and cautious. It is important to remember that when dealing with new Christians especially. Thank you for the reminder.

But I do feel however that after years of growing in the Lord we should try and put aside these fears in light of God's Word and even if cautiously do our best to obey the principles set forth in the Bible.

In my own life and dealings with people through the years I have learned to have more grace and mercy when dealing with these issues. It usually doesn't take very long to discern a soft heart wanting to do right (as you described you and your wife's situation above) and one who wants to use their liberty in Christ to live as they please. While I don't condemn, ostracize, scorn or any other such harsh words the latter, I do think it is futile to deal with them as their minds are made up and they will use the lack of Scripture to support their position. I personally have not come across too many of these people in church, however I am sure they are there.

If I tithe because I am commanded to do so I don’t really feel like I am giving out of the abundance of my heart but rather because it is expected of me.
Absolutely right.

Did you read the article I posted? What was your thoughts on that?