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I believe the practice of tithing to a church organization is unscriptural. Tithing was a Jewish law for the Jewish temple. Christianity has no temples. I understand that groups of christians need to pool some resources together to have some place to meet and to take care of expenses. Since it is also unscriptural for a local body of believers to have one main pastor over them my belief is that the ideal is that pastors, elders, deacons, should work to support their families and share the work of the ministry. I don't believe there should be a "professional" class of ministers, pastors, etc. I do believe that there are talented and faithful men that should be supported in specialized ministries, like bible translation, evangelism, missionary work, many different things. Christians should definitely give to these specialized ministries if they feel lead. I believe we should also be good stewards of our resources so we have something left to help those we come across in our daily lives who need help.

I also believe that the Lord does hold us accountable for who and what we give to.

My belief is that these denominational monoliths that are built up by the tithes of church members will continue to be operational after christians have been caught up into the air with Christ.

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