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Wow Amanada, well did Isaiah say of his generation, Christ of his, and mine of you:

How can you possibly claim that you have any love at all with a response like that. I'm not even going to address the fact that you are DEAD WRONG on this issue, I'm sure the Lord will explain that to you in due time. But your lack of love is simply ASTOUNDING!! It reminds me of the doctrine of corban:
I'm sorry you feel that way.

I've had a lot of time to think about this thread and am still trying to reconcile all these things. I told my husband this afternoon that I feel I may have come down a bit harshly on this subject...

The statement I made: "Sin sure does create nasty and awful consequences doesn't it!?! What a horrible situation."

I am not sure how this is terribly unloving as it is SO very true!? SIN is horrible and wicked...and brings about awful consequences. You all act as if they were to stay married, this man and his wives, that they would grow up with a happy life. Just look at the lifestyles of the men in the OT...Certainly not what I would call a great family life!

I am not suggesting that this man abandon his family either. I was merely thinking that living with them as husband and wife and all the duties that entails does not appear to be right in Scripture.

Again, I am looking at this all over and I hope in the next couple of days to prayerfully study what Scripture has to say.

But I can say I still believe we have to stay in the context.

1 Corinthians 7:24 is in the context of believers putting away unbelievers.

1 Timothy 5:8 is in the context of caring for widows, not providing for multiple wives.
Please, offer me verses that would help me understand this better.