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Originally Posted by Brother-Smith View Post
Thanks Jassy,

I like your style. Clear and to the point. God knows our hearts and where we are putting our trust and our true desire.

I want my new friends here to realize that I did not join to cause trouble, unless it is warranted by someone trying to correct the Word of God as found in the KJB. I can rely on all of you old-timers to do that for me.

Being bold isn't really the issue. That is something that comes out from inside the more time I spend in the word. I have been accused of being too spiritually minded, serious, God obsessed, etc. All good things for a christian in my opinion. I understand that my Christian friends would like to talk about anything but God.

The curling up in a ball and crying emotion has to do with the state of the world, the christian churches, and twisting of scripture to support personal agendas. I thank GOD that my wife is on the same page with me in all things.

I am so thankful for this forum. I engage other christians in conversation and it seems to me that nobody is interested in the word, prophecy, Israel, sharing the gospel with their best friends or anything else. THAT is what makes me sad.

BUT GOD is in control, not me. I'm sure I would mess it all up the first day anyways.

I like your posts also. I think you're a really good addition to this forum.

Now by "old-timers" you must be referring to AGE because I've only been a member since May - so I'm still green around the gills

I agree that being too spiritually-minded, serious, God-obsessed, etc. are all good qualities for a Christian to have. I have definitely been thusly accused, also. I recall hearing "Lighten up, will ya?" on numerous occasions. So I have begun to realize that many, many Christians are satisfied with just a "superficial Sunday Christianity" - they go to church and then put on their "Christian face" and generally leave it at the door, or in the parking lot, when they leave. It's sad to see that they don't desire to live by the Word of God. I cannot set aside that Christian part of me - because it IS a PART of me. It cannot be removed and it permeats every area of my life. I cannot separate myself from it, and would not WANT to do so!

It's really sad to see the conditions that the world is in today. I don't mean just the unbelievers - but the believers as well. I tend to call them "nominal Christians." Some of them have head knowledge. Some Christians are hyper-obsessed about amassing theological "religious" head knowledge but have no (or very little) heart knowledge. So I understand your grief for them.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are some Christians who have only a superficial knowledge of the Scriptures - they know some basic "Bible stories" but have nothing more than a superficial understanding of dispensations and such things. They depend on their pastor to a strong degree, to TELL them what to believe and how to think or act. And they have no idea how to verify such instructions with the Scriptures, to make sure it's biblical. I daresay that they will think, "If pastor so-and-so says so, it must be in the Bible." And they're done and accept it as truth.

That is such a wonderful blessing that your wife is on the same page with you in all things! Does she have any interest in posting on this Forum? We do have some husband/wife teams here that both post. It's nice to see things from both a brother and a sister's perspective.

Yes, I know what you mean about no one being interested in having conversations about biblical things. I even know some who, when I bring up any topics about prophecies or about dispensations, they will say either, "I'm already SAVED." (As if that ends the discussion right there!) Or they will say, "Who cares about that subject? As a believer I'll be raptured out of here and not have to worry about anything." Well, that's nice to have such strong faith - yet we are told to WATCH and BE READY. If Christians just put their blinders on, or stuff their head into the sand somewhere, they're not able to WATCH and they certainly won't be READY.

We're to grow in grace and knowledge and that is soooooooo much in my thinking and reading and studying and learning! It is VITAL to me! I couldn't just set it aside and not care because "We're going to be raptured out of here!" One person I know continually uses that phrase to thwart any discussions on Bible or Christian topics! I actually think that person uses that as an excuse not to read or study the Bible and just depends on his pastor to tell him what he ought to believe or study or think.

I've noticed that many Christians in the world today are seriously "dumbed-down" by the fluff that their pastor feeds them. They're on MILK. They never get the MEAT of the Word and they don't even NOTICE or CARE!!

Yes! God is in control - and I am soooooo thankful it is not ME in control. I'd surely make a mess of things, too.

OOPS sorry about the long post - sometimes I get carried away!