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Originally Posted by Jassy View Post

Don't curl up and cry brother. Strengthen yourself, gird yourself with the armor of God, and be bold and step forward. Remember that we have direct ACCESS to the THRONE room of God, by GRACE. That is such a huge BLESSING!!!

ALL of us, I believe, can always use more patience. I have seen so many brethren and sister here humble themselves and ask forgiveness... even when I did not see any offense, but they wanted to be sure. I am continually edified by the communication here between the regular members. Yes, we do occasionally have members that join, with the sole purpose of stirring up conflict and anger between members. We have to remember how patient, and with such incredible GRACE, that God forgives us and HAS indeed forgiven us.

Thanks Jassy,

I like your style. Clear and to the point. God knows our hearts and where we are putting our trust and our true desire.

I want my new friends here to realize that I did not join to cause trouble, unless it is warranted by someone trying to correct the Word of God as found in the KJB. I can rely on all of you old-timers to do that for me.

Being bold isn't really the issue. That is something that comes out from inside the more time I spend in the word. I have been accused of being too spiritually minded, serious, God obsessed, etc. All good things for a christian in my opinion. I understand that my Christian friends would like to talk about anything but God.

The curling up in a ball and crying emotion has to do with the state of the world, the christian churches, and twisting of scripture to support personal agendas. I thank GOD that my wife is on the same page with me in all things.

I am so thankful for this forum. I engage other christians in conversation and it seems to me that nobody is interested in the word, prophecy, Israel, sharing the gospel with their best friends or anything else. THAT is what makes me sad.

BUT GOD is in control, not me. I'm sure I would mess it all up the first day anyways.