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Hi Will, thanks for the detailed reply. I went through the book of Judges and added the years of bondage and the years of judges. I found:
111 years of bondage
336 years of judges
447 years total
447 years is about 450 years so I believe that will verify the verse.

Now, since your article also mentions 1 Kings 6:1. I am trying to add up the numbers myself. So far, I am not settled with the 593 years calculated.
1.The 450 years is only for the time of the Judges. I can't see how this time includes Joshua and the elders.
2.I can't see the scripture reference to prove Samuel ruled 20 years.
1Sa 7:2 And it came to pass, while the ark abode in Kirjathjearim, that the time was long; for it was twenty years: and all the house of Israel lamented after the LORD.

1. 40 years - wilderness (Acts 13:18) 2. 450 years - period of various judges - including Joshua and elders (Acts 13:20) 3._______ Samuel (Acts 13:20) 4. 40 years - Saul (Acts 13:21) 5. _______ David (Acts 13:22) 6. _______ Solomon until temple The amount of years Paul supplies in the text are as follows: 40 + 450 + 40 = 530 years.

1. We must include 3 years for Solomon's reign until the temple. (1Kings 6:1) 2.Before Solomon, David reigned 40 years. (1Kings 2:11, Acts 13:22) 3. Notice Acts 13:20 says that the 450 years extends "until" Samuel the prophet. We find how long Samuel judged Israel in 1 Samuel 7:2. It was a period of 20 years. The total for the above is 63 years. Therefore, to the 530 years of Paul, we must add the total from the extra periods he left blank. 530 (years Paul listed) + 63 (years given in O.T. that Paul left blank) = 593 years.

So I am good with 450 years in Acts but now a bit stuck with 480 years in 1 Kings. A little help please.