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Yes right on the fly-leaf, it says it was printed in jolly olde England. I have a Scofield lll, which has the Oxford 1769 text, got it at one of the regular Bible stores (recently) down on the river. It is printed in Korea!. I got an Old Scofield from the little place up the street, its printed in the USA by Oxford Press, which is OK. Because I have an old (original) 1967 Scofield, that belong to my dad, also printed in the USA, so that is normal. Its so old it is now falling apart, the pages will tear when you turn them, if you are not real careful.

The only problem with the little book store up the way is, it does not give deals. But I can live with that since he is independent, how otherwise would he stay in business?. My son wondered about that in the first place?. They used to have a half price Bible sale once a year, I don't know if they still do or not. But I bet it only applied to certain Bibles, not to the premium ones.

I just wonder, do you know the story behind the little book store?.